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Welcome to Saving with TaLis

A website about resources, money saving tips and deals that save money

I am an extreme saver who enjoys shopping and paying the least amount of money possible when I shop. Over time i’ve learned enough tricks and ways to save money about shopping, which help me walk out of the store with free merchandise and sometimes even get paid for it.

I started Saving with TaLis a couple of years ago, with the intent to help others save money when shopping as well.

In this site I share techniques and tips for saving money. As I´m a shopper just like you, I also share app deals and other discounts I come across when searching for savings.

There are several ways to save money shopping for groceries and other necessities, but the two well known money saving techniques are couponing and apps.

Ways to Save

Saving Money with Apps

Mobile apps are the easiest way to save money shopping. It can be as simple as snapping a picture, or scouting sales to maximize bonuses.

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    Save money using apps – smartphones are today’s easiest money savers Saving money grocery shopping is as easy as turning on your cellphone – literally.…
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Saving Money with Coupons

I discovered the world of couponing through the popular show Extreme Couponing. I was shocked to see that people would spend so little money grocery shopping. However, I didn’t pay attention and tried couponing until I saw my grocery bill. That’s when I started to learn how to coupon.

As I learned about couponing and using apps I became an extreme saver – not an extreme couponer. The difference is that I don’t rely on just coupons and apps to save money. There are many other ways to save.

Saving money with apps and coupons is just one ingredient to the overall recipe that improves our savings and finances.

We often overlook discounts and resources that help grow our finances. For example, where we work or when we shop can be a source of untapped savings.

Other factors in our lives can also consume our money and affect our finances. Education, home life & life events, to name a few, are additional expenses that impact our personal finances. Therefor I write several money saving tips that focus on budgeting and savings in categories relating to shopping for necessities (like clothes), college and other education and more.

  • How to Save Money when Price Drops
    Most savers shop items on sale, or use coupons.  Others buy second hand items that are almost new. These are all common ways to save money.  But there is another method that can put extra money in your pocket, and is often overlooked: Price drop refunds. Very simple: ‘price drop’ is when an item is…
  • Saving Money Using Price Rewind
     I recently opened a Citi Visa card through the Costco program, and I decided to read about the benefits that the card offers. I’m glad I did.  I found that this card offers a price tracking service that so far has saved me a lot of money. In my opinion, one of the best…
  • How to Save at Home Depot
    Looking to save money at Home Depot?  Every day Home Depot has a ‘special deal of the day’.  It varies every day.  Starts at 12:01am and ends at 12:59pm based on your time zone. Deals are both for in-store and online with free shipping for the item.  To see what the deal of the day…
  • 6 Months Free Amazon Prime Membership for College Students!
    Additionally, after your free trial membership your monthly fee is 50% off the regular price. Pay only $6.49/month. Happy Savings,TaLis Want to keep saving? Subscribe to get the latest: Subscribe to Saving with TaLis by Email

Traditionally we think of saving money in relation to our personal lives. However, our work life also affects our finances. As such, whether additional expenses are the result of owning a business, your profession or where you work, the opportunity to streamline expenses and instead grow our rainy day funds just increases.

When exploring our savings goals we should also take the time to look at our lifestylecelebrations, things we do at home, other needs and essentials that not only save money, but make our lives easier and improve our overall well-being. Both mentally and physically. Frugally living happier

Resources and creative ways to save money and live financially happier

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To start saving money an important first step is to think about what we want our finances to be. I always hear the terms ¨financial freedom¨, ¨financially fit¨. However, what does that mean for you in terms of personal finances? Investing & budgeting are big aspects of financial stability to learn, no matter what our ultimate savings goals are. Finances can be so convoluted. Let´s tackle it together.

I invite you to explore this site and join our group of savers.

Happy savings, TaLis

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welcome to saving with talis

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