How To Use Fetch Rewards to Get CVS Gift Cards When you don't have ECBs

Fetch Rewards is a popular app that gives you points for uploading your receipt. Points are given when you purchased brands and products listed in the app. Points are accumulated and redeemed for gift cards. Redemption points start at 3,000 Fetch points.  

To download it click:
 Use referral code T0YVQ, 
 receive 2000 Fetch Points, equivalent to $2

Why I like this app? This is one of the few apps that you can use to redeem for CVS e-gift cards. In other apps like Shopkick, points can be exchanged for gift cards too, but not CVS.

Why is this a big deal? Because in CVS you can use the e-gift card to pay for your purchase, and reduce your out of pocket expense. Use it for a transaction where you earn extracare bucks, and you can keep rolling them to keep your cost down. If you are an extreme couponer (like me), this means free items - just pay taxes. 

Tip: Stack with other Apps
Quite often, your purchase can be stacked with other apps. Make sure to check IbottaSavingstarCheckout 51Fetch Rewards, Shopkick and other apps. 

More Savings:

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