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Eat Me Guilt Free Brownies

Eat Me Guilt Free big sale of the year.

Take a chance at winning by simply submitting an order. Once you receive your order search for the golden ticket ticket within.

Other prices include free boxes of brownies, gift cards, Eat Me Guilt Free merchandise and other surprises.

Why a Golden Ticket?

Every year the company picks a theme related to the surprise included in the box. This year the theme is called Wilma Wonka, a variation of the popular Willi Wonka. They chose Wilma because the company is owned by a woman.

Christie Beseu started baking when clients had trouble finding healthy alternatives to satisfy night time cravings. She created healthy and great tasting sweet protein snacks, and shares it worldwide since 2015.

Awesome snacks to satisfy sweet cravings while staying healthy. With every dieters health need in mind, the Eat Me Guilt Free recipes are sugar free. Brownies, cookies, bread and tortillas are for Vegan, Keto diets too.

Plant-based and vegan products that are healthy but great tasting. Otherwise they wouldn’t be around for so long.

The brownie line is  vegetarian, and Vegan CookieProtein Bread, and Tortilla Wraps are all plant-based.

Protein breakfast crepes with Eat Me Guilt Free tortilla wraps

Guilty Free Snacking Favorites:

Check out a favorite – Piña Colada – (Box of 12).

Another favorite is Blonde Bombshell Bundle (3 Boxes of 12) .

Visit site for full line baked goods.

Nice Christmas treat for you or someone. Order for a chance to win.

Happy savings, TaLis

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