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3 Must Have Apps for Coupon Organization

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I enjoy the thrill of saving money using coupons.  But what I don’t enjoy is how time consuming it can be.  Finding, cutting, sorting,  filing, etc.  When I first started using coupons, I would spend hours in these little tasks.  So I started looking for shortcuts and I found a few apps that help me save time when organizing coupons

Price Comparison per Store

Grocery Tracker Shopping List – (GTracker) This handy app is not your typical shopping list app.  It is also a price tracker app that lets you customize and compare prices between stores as well.  It has additional features for shopping, recipes, menus, tasks and coupon lists that are fully customizable.For couponers with a stock pile, it also allows you to keep track of your inventory.   You can scan the item’s upc bar to search an existing database of merchandise which then downloads to your phone. Currently available only for android phones, it is free to download.

How I use it:  Ads list items that are on sale.  As a couponer, knowing the lowest sale price of an items is very important, because it lets you determine if the item is worth getting or stocking up on.  For example, in this week’s ad at store X, there is a sale on toilet paper 18 count for 15.99.  Normally it costs 18.99.  However, because I kept track of prices, I know that the sale price of this item is also dropped to 13.99 Thanks to GTracker, I know to wait for a better price and score a better deal.This app does have a learning curve though.  I like that this app has multiple uses, and I can customize it to what I need.  It has also been very reliable, and not lost my data.  Above all, its on my cell phone, so it is always with me whenever I go shopping.

MobiDB  Database Designer This is a database app available for android and windows PC.  This app offers a free “Lite” version which is limited, but its enough for having a coupon database.  I needed a way to know what coupons I have in my accordion file.  At first I had a piece of paper in which I wrote all the coupons. This is a good method, but it is time consuming when I had to update my file.  So I started searching for a way to keep track of my coupons more efficiently.  I stumbled upon this database app and tailored it to my needs. The lite version lets you have one database to design,  and you can customize it to show the information you want.  

How I use it: I customized the app to show the name of the product, face value of the coupon, expiration date, and whether it expired or not.  By clicking on the ‘expired’ field, I can filter active and inactive coupons.  When I’m in the supermarket I open the app, and search for the product name.  I can see if I have it, it’s value, and how many I have. When coupons are available again, all I have to do is un-check the expired option to show that I have the coupon available.  

Bluestack –  This is an app available for PC.  From your Pc, it merges with Windows or OSX, Android.  It allows you to use apps on your cell phone on your PC. This app is very popular with people who want to play mobile games on their PC.  After installing  the app on your PC, you can sync with your cellphone’s app store account, and download the apps you want to use on your computer.  This is also free to use.

How I use it: I open the apps listed above and do all my data entry with the comfort of a bigger keyboard.  Quite simple to use.  

As always, I am on the look out for savings.  Not just money, but also saving time. These apps have been great time savers for me.  If you decide to give them a try, let me know how it works for you.

Happy Savings,


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