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5 Canva Pro Subscriptions- How to Pay for 1 & Get 4 Free

A fantastic and helpful tool for nonprofits, businesses or personal use – Canva Teams. In addition, work with others either remotely or in person, in real-time. Plus, for a limited time you can get 5 Canva Pro subscription while paying for just 1.

What is Canva?

Canva is a design platform with tons of features to create, collaborate, design, print, publish, animate just about any visual product you can imagine. From invitations, to flyers, to logos, to t-shirts to worksheets, etc.

With Canva Teams you and other staff in your organization can create all the things I listed above with access to several creative tools to design eye-catching projects and collaborate in real time in the process.

academic presentations

Pay for 1 Canva Pro Subscription, get 4 FREE

Get Canva Pro while its discounted at $12.99 for 5 Canva Subscriptions per month. Typically if you want to create with Canva Teams, each person has to pay for a subscription separately. For a limited time, just pay for 1 subscription and you get 4 more free.

Canva Pro Teams Features

  • Images are free – over 75 million+ premium images and video
  • Magic resize images – turn one design into different sizes for different social media and publishing platforms with one click
  • Background remover – transparent backgrounds to match your content
  • Premium animations
  • Thousands of fonts
  • designer-made templates
  • Brand Kit
  • Content Planner
  • Extra folders
  • Logo maker
  • Schedule marketing and activity events

Just to name a few, the list goes on however. And its not just beneficial for businesses or educators.

Canva Pro Team Key Features

How to Get Canva Team of 5 from 1 Subscription

Its super easy to get a Canva Team together. First step is to sign up for 1 Canva Pro account. Then click on the icon on the top right to view your account. From the drop down menu choose Teams. Next, give your team a name decide how you want people added to your team. (see image)

Once you name your team, send an invitation link to teammates, colleagues, co-workers, consultants, friends, family, whomever to join by entering their email

TIP – Sign up to learn how to use Canva with free Canva Courses

canva pro team invitation link
Create with Canva Pro Teams

Simply enter the email of who you want to invite. That’s it. After that, you can start creating, and share it with your team. While one of you is editing, the others can see it as changes are happening.

This is what people say about Canva teams:

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What can you do with Canva?

The possibilities are endless. If you use social media, it is super easy to create your own social media images. Facebook groups admins and moderators use it to maintain members engaged with fun messages.

I created this one using Canva:

shopping with codes and discounts by saving with talis made with Canva

Who is Canva Teams for?

Website owner? Its a no-brainer to create your brand and newsletters with your own logo. Don’t have a logo? Create one with Canva. Businesses can manage a whole marketing campaign getting the team together to create announcements, videos and even t-shirts and a whole brand kit with your unique logo. And, print it with Canva.

With co-workers, intern or volunteers, design holiday events, fundraisers and celebrations or promotions with cards, flyers and other shareable content to get everyone’s help designing a webinar or bake sale invitations for example.

For personal related events Canva Pro is excellent for planning family reunions, wedding or celebrations where everyone wants to collaborate for the event. Canva has a huge library of design ideas for content inspiration, which makes designing easier.

Canva also has a ton of educational resources to make interesting academic presentations and other useful tools for College students. Especially when working on a project to create a team and produce slides or videos that include interactive, animated and engaging content.

Likewise for teachers (its free!), create lectures, schedules, class plans and collaborate with other teachers and students. Your creativity is limitless.

I’m just giving you ideas from what i’ve used Canva for, or seen what other people use it for. I was recently at an airport where a large family was travelling with kids and they all had the same t-shirts, but with the name of fruits in the back. Super easy to spot if one kiddo got lost!

Nonetheless, try Canva Pro free for 30 days. You can start creating right away.

You can still use the free version of Canva, and whatever you created during the trial is not lost if you decide you don’t like it but you still want access to your created designs. The free version of Canva is free forever and still has awesome tools you would still benefit from.

Canva a la Carte

Morever, if you come across a design tool that is available to Pro subscribers, you can still get it without having to buy the Pro Version. With the Canva free version you still see the Pro features and tools, which you can use by paying for it when you choose to download or print your design. Canva a la cart prices start at $1.

Bonus Content: How to get Canva Pro Free for NonProfits

Is Canva Pro for Teams worth it? Try it free for 30 days. Nothing to lose to find out.

Canva Pro free resource for nonprofits is an invaluable tool to reach your organization’s ability to reach its goal without breaking the budget. Check it out and sign up. You can cancel any time.

Happy savings, TaLis

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Home » 5 Canva Pro Subscriptions- How to Pay for 1 & Get 4 Free
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