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60% Off ABCmouse and Adventure Academy

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ABCmouse and Adventure Academy, the programs that a lot of parents turned to when the pandemic forced schools to close is is being offered at 60% off the regular annual price – $59.99 until cancelled. Even when you renew, you’ll still get the discount.

At this price, you get over 5 months free compared to the regular price and sign up to 3 kids in the same account plus a parent portal. Excellent help for parents to get extra math and other academic support for students at home, keep them learning through the summer, school breaks or to help them get ahead of the class at an affordable price.

ABCmouse and Adventure Academy 12 months for $59.99 – for as long as you keep the program

ABCmouse and Adventure Academy are fun academic programs that keep students learning without them knowing. Students use educational games created with award winning curricula developed in close collaboration with early childhood education experts and teachers. Kids have access to over 10,000 books, games, songs, puzzles, and art activities. Each with specific learning objectives.

parent and child looking at ABCmouse application together

Common subjects in reading, mathematics, science, social studies, art, and music, go along with lessons across all subjects they learn in schools aligned with several States, as well as in home-school programs. Furthermore, ABCmouse supports young student’s approach to learning and emotional growth.


ABCmouse is primarily geared towards children ages 2-8. The Step-by-Step Learning Path teaches the full ABCmouse curriculum program of more than 850 lessons in ten levels. As each lesson is completed, the student is guided to the next one and is motivated to continue learning by Tickets and Rewards System. Parents can see the child’s reading skills grow by tracking and monitoring their progress through the parent portal.

ABCmouse gives access to eight unique mobile apps that families can use at no additional cost. Available on iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. The programs are also available on laptop & PC.

Adventure Academy

Adventure Academy is an educational massive multiplayer online game (MMO), geared towards elementary and middle-school-aged children ages 8 – 13. With thousands of learning activities in a fun and safe virtual world, kids play video games and don’t know they’re learning in the process.

Peace of mind that kids aren’t getting exposed to inappropriate information, and video gaming has a positive effect.

The program aims at building critical knowledge, reading comprehension, mathematical operations, world geography, scientific inquiry and other essential curriculum topics in language arts, math, science, and social studies. Students explore several high-priority topics with engaging and effective learning activities, such as videos, games, books and other reading experiences and quizzes for example.

students using abcmouse in the classroom

The programs keep students engaged by adding new features such as Avatar of the Week, earning points and others activities. Classic features that make it attractive for kiddos who are gamers. However, even though students are playing, they’re actually learning. That’s why both programs are also used in schools and by homeschool parents.

Adventure Academy and ABCmouse both allow to sign up to 3 kids for the price of 1 under the same account. Family subscriptions to both programs come with up to four profiles per account – one for the parent and up to three child profiles.

Additionally, ABCmouse has an Assessment Center, which enables parents to assess their children’s knowledge, skills, and abilities in select areas. The Assessment Center can be used in conjunction with ABCmouse Early Learning Academy to provide tailored activities based on the child’s specific needs.

For parents who have kids ages ranging from 2 to 13 years old, an ABCmouse & Adventure Academy bundle is not available unfortunately. However, the provision that more than one student can be signed up free under one account also makes it cost effective, as parents don’t have to pay extra when adding a child under the same program.

Adult reviews of ABCmouse and Adventure Academy on the Google Store give ABCmouse a 4.1 star rating, and Adventure Academy has over 57 thousand reviewers that give it a 4.5 rating (as of the writing of this post). Ratings are out of a possible 5 star score.

adventure academy reviews

Subscription Cost

ABCmouse regular subscription cost is $12.99 per month. Adventure Academy cost is $12.99 per month. However, compared to the regular price, the limited time deal for ABCmouse and Adventure Academy is 60% off the regular annual price – $59.99 instead of the regular $155.88. (There are other ABCmouse & Adventure Academy discounts for either program listed below). No matter which discount is best for you, access for 3 students plus the parent portal is standard.

ABCmouse and Adventure Academy research results showing what people say about it.

To date, more than 18 million children ages 2-8 have completed more than 4 billion learning activities on at home, in classrooms, libraries, and other community institutions. - Get 1 Year for $59.99!

There are no ads or advertisement links to ensure a safe environment for students.

Young girl using the ABCmouse academic learning program

Prevent summer learning loss but kids still have fun

For us parents who want kids to bounce back from summer break or summer learning loss and help with their education, make learning fun and get ABCmouse or Adventure Academy 12 months 60% less than the annual price (that’s like 5 months free)

12 months year round learning for just $59.99

Other ABCmouse & Adventure Academy Discounts

You can also get ABCmouse or Adventure Academy free for 30 days by downloading the app or going to the free trial page and simply entering your email to get started: – Get 30 Days Free! – Get 30 Days Free!

Get 30 Days Free of Adventure Academy!
Get 30 Days Free of!

Perhaps its more convenient to get it for a couple of months? Pay $2.50 monthly for 2 months of either ABCmouse or Adventure Academy: – $5 for 2 Months!

Get 2 Months of for $5! – 2 Months for $5

Get 2 Months of Adventure Academy for $5!

Extra academic support for a semester –

Get 4 Months of for $19.95!

ABCmouse or Adventure Academy Annual Price discount: its like getting 5 months free: – Get 1 Year for $59.99 - Get 1 Year for $59.99!

1 Year of ABCmouse for $59.95!


Gift 1 Year of ABCmouse for $59.95!

Reading IQ Program

Teachers usually recommend that every student – no matter what grade – continue reading throughout the year. Reading IQ is geared towards building reading and comprehension skills.

Reading IQ discounts:

Get 30 Days FREE of! – Get 2 Months for $5! -1 Year for $29.99!

Hope this helps you and your students be academically successful while having fun and saving money.

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