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Fun Educational Toys & Games

Teacher’s classrooms are full of toys that not only support learning, but are fun educational toys to gift. You know kids will enjoy them because they play with them at school and love it!

At Learning Resources one of the top suppliers of classroom toys for teachers and learning centers, parents and care givers can get the same classroom toys and games as a gift, and extend the fun learning at home.

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Kids don’t even know they’re learning with these toys but they’re still having fun:

Got a shopper in the house?

Critical Thinking

For the kid that loves to cook

Coding Challenge Game

👉 more learning toys at Learning Resource👈

STEM experiment

For the science oriented kiddo, Spangler Science Club is offering $20 off a 3 month (or more) subscription on STEMlab & STEMdeluxe package. Spangler Science Club is a subscription service that sends out a STEM activity kit with all the supplies and instructions to do safe and fun science experiments at home. No parent supervision necessary, and appropriate for all science levels. According to the website the founders “pulled together a team of science teachers and education experts to create a kit-of-the-month club” . Subscription boxes are like getting a present every month – you don’t know what you’re going to get.

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When searching for educational toys, Amazon carries just about anything, and most likely also have some cool or vintage versions games.

Games like Betrayal: Windows Walk is cooperative games players play against the game, and the only way to win is to work together.

There’s ton of cooperative, strategic, memory games to choose from. Be sure to search my Amazon’s promo codes listings page for toys with deep discounts.

Fun Education Toy Gift Ideas:

Pretend Wallet
Pretend Wallet
Learning money skills
Learning money skills
Pretend Wallet
Pretend Wallet
Learning money skills
Learning money skills

Happy savings, TaLis

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