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Coupon Organization: Coupon Database App for Smartphones

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As a couponer, you cut your coupons, organize them, and then file them. But, how do you know what coupons you have in your file or binder? Do you keep a list?  Go to a website?  Do your coupons end up expiring because you forgot you have them?

I use to write down the coupons that I have on a piece of paper and then erase it from the list once I used it. This worked, but it was very time consuming. It also wasn’t very efficient. I couldn’t keep track of their expiration date, which meant that I was saving coupons for nothing. This was simply a waste of my precious time.

I’m always looking for ways to save time and organize my coupons more efficiently. Couponing is fun and rewarding, but it is time consuming. There is an app for
smartphones that I have been using for a while, but recently it received an update which improved its coupon tracking system, and is has made my coupon organization method more efficient and less time consuming. GTracker, or grocery tracker is an app available for Android phones. This app allows you to customize the coupons you have to include not just manufacturer coupons, but also extra care bucks or register rewards, etc.

With it, I keep track of what I have,  how many,  the face value,  the type of coupon and it even reminds me of its expiration date! What is also nice about this app is that it looks the coupon with your grocery database list, altering you that you have a coupon to use for the item you are buying. So, for example, if I am entering a coupon for Colgate toothpaste, I link the coupon to Colgate toothpaste in the grocery database, and when I put on my shopping list to purchase Colgate toothpaste, I get an alert icon that indicates that i have a coupon for it!. Nice! My work is cut in half!
This is my ‘go-to’ app for extreme couponing.

If you want to see it in action, this video https://youtu.be/uqWU58d7hRo can show you more details.

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