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College Move in Day: Get Your Stuff Delivered

Make college move in day easy – shop online and have your dorm essentials delivered to your dorm with Shipt at Target

College move in day means tons of people moving in at the same time, going back and forth with luggage and boxes that have all the goods on your college shopping list. I’m not sure if this is fun for you, but you can make college move in day easier on yourself: why not have someone deliver the college dorm room essentials to your dorm (or apartment)? You can do just that with Shipt and Target.

What is Shipt?

Shipt is a grocery delivery service that works with several stores to bring to your doorstep groceries that you order online. At Target, Shipt delivers more than just groceries however. You can get dorm room essentials such as bedding, electronics, lamps and other things.

(no Target near you? these are the stores that work with Shipt)

How does Shipt work with Target?

According to Shipt customer service, at Target you can order rugs, bedding and pretty much a lot of the things you would need to make your dorm room (or apartment) homey, and have it delivered to you. You may have to meet the person in the lobby of your dorm or apartment, as some places restrict access to visitors however. But through the app, you’ll be able to schedule delivery through the app, and then meet your Shipt shopper to get your things.

Is Shipt delivery service in your area? Shipt is currently in over 257 stores. Shipt works with Meijer, Publix, Harris Teeter in addition to Target. Check here to see the complete list and if it is available in your area.

How Shipt Works

In brief, this is how Shipt works: you shop online for what you want via the Shipt app, and a Shipt shopper goes shopping for you. You’ll also schedule your delivery, and will then meet your shopper at the scheduled time. Easy shopping.

The service is easy and very convenient to use. I think this service will also be useful around finals or when working on big projects that take a lot of time and going grocery shopping is the last thing on the priority list.

Here is what you need to know about Shipt at Target:

Shipt at Target doesn’t require a membership. There are 2 types of services to choose from: Either month to month or an annual membership. You can try it out for 4 weeks for free.

  • Delivery is free for members on orders over $35. For orders less that $35 there is a $7 delivery fee.
  • Shipt’s plan is $99/yr for unlimited orders 
  • If you don’t want a plan, you can choose to pay per Same Day Delivery order.
  • Shipt prices are higher than in-store prices unfortunately, so this is a downside to the service. 
  • Through the app, you’ll be able to pick your delivery schedule based on times available. .
  • You can be on the phone with your Shipt shopper and edit your order while they are at the store.

How to save money shopping with Shipt:

Technically, you can’t use coupons, but Shipt offers special in-app pricing to help members save money. Just check the “what’s on sale” category in the app. You can still use Shipt with grocery cashback apps though.

Can you use Target’s REDcard with Shipt?

Absolutely! If you’re shopping at Target, use Target’s debit or credit card & save 5% off your total purchase along with the credit card’s other benefits.


Note: Target is currently running a special where you can get a coupon for $40 off $100 purchase when you’re approved for a Target debit or credit card through September 14

Bonus: you make money with Shipt?

Shipt can also be a side gig to earn money by becoming a Shipt shopper. Shipt shoppers have the added benefit of a free Shipt membership too. In addition to being a job for people who love shopping, Shipt shoppers also have the convenience of choosing their work schedule. So as a college student looking for extra income, working for Shipt doesn’t interfere with your school schedule. How much can you earn? Shipt shoppers can earn up to $22/hr.

Make your college move in day easier and spend your time decorating your room instead of carrying stuff.

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