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Surprisingly Easy Earning App to Download for Awesome Black Friday Deals

Gearing up for the biggest shopping event of the year? Here is a surprisingly easy earning app to get now that will have awesome Black Friday deals: Drop App

Drop app is swiftly making its way to being one of the most popular shopping apps to save money with. It was so popular in Canada, it was introduced in the US in 2017. Since then, it’s been downloaded over 39,000+ times in the App Store alone. It stands out because there are several ways to earn points, which quickly add up. I downloaded the app and surprisingly soon after saw my points quickly rise.

What is Drop app?

Drop is a free mobile shopping app that rewards members for shopping through the app. Members earn points by linking either a debit or a credit card. I always recommend linking a credit card rather than a debit card so in case something happens you can always for a claim. Additionally, link a credit card with a high cash back program in order to get the highest earning potential for your shopping. I always hesitate when it comes to linking my credit card to anything. So far I haven’t had any problems, and finf Drop safe to use.

Unlike other shopping apps however, your everyday purchases at supermarkets or retailers turn into points without having to upload receipts. It’s easy and also fun to use to earn with Drop. This is one of the few apps where users play a video game to earn points.

1000 Drop Points = $1

Redeem Drop Points for Gift Cards, and save money on other shopping deals 💰

How to earn with Drop – Members earn points by shopping through the app, but shopping isn’t limited to just retailers. You can also get huge amounts of points for downloading other apps, booking travel, signing up for subscription services and other things as well. Here’s an example:

One advantage is that members are not restricted to shopping exclusively with the linked credit card, but you’ll earn more when shopping with the linked card. To earn points just shop or sign up for a service by clicking the button on the app. Another way to earn with Drop is to complete mini surveys. You’ll get about 25 points per survey. Though not much, it does as up.

Drop is the app to checkout during Black Friday because in addition to likely point increases, bonus points will also boost earnings – and therefore more points. Bonus points are sometimes double what the regular points are

One thing to be aware of when signing up with Drop is to carefully choose your “power offers” stores. The app isn’t very clear about what power offers are beforehand. After you download Drop, you’ll be asked to select two power offers. Power offers are a way to earn Drop points when you shop with your linked debit or credit card without having to shop through the app. You’ll see choices for retailers, supermarkets etc. Select the one that you shop the most at to easily start racking up points. Below you can see how quickly I earn points at Safeway.

One day I got a supercharge notification from Drop. I had no clue what it was, so I ended up missing points. Basically, you play a game that’s kind of like “Snake’, where you’re supposed to direct a line towards a symbol. The more ‘symbols’ you snap, the more points you earn. It’s a fun way to get extra points.

Drop supercharge

Drop app is available to download on iTunes and Google Store. I recommend at least checking it out since its free to use. There’s also no fees to redeem points either. Once you download it, you can also earn $5 for referring friends (they’ll earn $5 too). If you end up liking Drop app, just sit back and wait for awesome Black Friday deals.

Happy savings, TaLis

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FYI, this post may contain affiliate links. Basically, this means that I get a commission when you shop through the link. I only promote products that I use, trust, and have good rating. Learn more


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