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Save Big with Warby Try At Home Eye Glasses Program

Low cost Eyeglasses from Warby Parker – free try at home eye glasses program with convenience and big savings.

No need to hurriedly choose a frame you might end up not liking later.

The convenient Warby Parker Free Try-On Program lets people take their time in choosing the best frame for their glasses while at home. Wear them at home and get a real feel for how you look and how comfortable they are. In the process, you can score big savings on eye glasses.

How Warby Parker At-Home works:

Simply choose 5 frames – either eyeglasses or sunglasses, and they´ll mail them to your home for free. While in the comfort of your home try them out to your heart’s content for 5 days. Then choose your favorite and order it online.

Warby Parker lets you try before you buy for free.

Glasses start at the affordable price of $95 including prescription lens and frames. Add-on features like blue light filtering and progressive lenses are also available for an additional charge.

After the 5 days mail them back using their prepaid label. No shipping fees. If you’re not happy with any of the 5 frames you selected, then select another 5 frames to try at home. They only mail 5 at a time though.

Steps to try Warby glasses at home

Warby Parker 5 Frames to try
Selections include low bridge, different shapes & materials. Warby Parkers helps you narrow your selection:

  1. Choose between Eyeglasses or Sunglasses

    step to get warby glasses free

  2. Choose to see Men or Women styles

    warby parker men or women style glasses

  3. Warby Parker Quiz

    In this step you have a choice to either answer a few questions to get recommendations, or browse frames. (Results can be saved or emailed when you enter your email)Warby parker quiz for glasses recommendations

  4. Add 5 Frames to your cart

    Select any 5 frames that appeal to you. If you want to try a frame that is not available for Home Try-On program, choose the same frame in a different color.add 5 frames to your cart to try at home

  5. Enter your information

    Enter your name, email, choose a password. Add your shipping and credit card information. The trial is free and there are no shipping fees.
    Warby Parker cart shows trial is free and free shipping

  6. Home Try-on

    After about 5 business days you’ll receive a box with the 5 frames individually wrapped and labeled. Take your time to make sure they’re comfortable, fit well around the ears and that you look great. After 5 days mail them back to Warby Parker. Free return. warby parker free try-on mailed back free

  7. Pick a frame

    Found the right pair(s)? Order it online. No need to wait to return them.

So what do Warby Parker frames look like?

Warby Parker frames come in several styles, colors, frame types, modern, vintage, trendy, you name it. What’s important is what fits you, which is why I recommend taking the Warby quiz to help narrow down choices.

When placing your order you’ll need a valid eyeglass prescription from your doctor and your pupillary distance (or PD – the distance between your pupil). If your doctor didn’t include your PD on your prescription, you can measure it using Warby Parker online tool to measure it. Or simply call your doctor and get it.

Warby Parker Big Savings

If you don’t have your prescription, Warby Parker can contact your eye doctor or you can do your own visual test with Warby Parker’s visual test from home. When you choose Warby’s test, you pay only $15 if your prescription is renewed.

Additionally, if you have a Flexible Spending Account or a Health Spending Account you can use the FSA/HSA card at checkout. Once you place your order glasses will ship and take about 7 – 10 business days to arrive. (click here for 6 ways to save with your FSA with Warby Parker)

I personally think the free try-on at home glasses are a great way to test eyeglasses before buying. Normally at a doctors office you’ll have to decide pretty quickly. The price of frames are also budget friendly. This is probably why Warby Parker home try-on reviews are pretty good. Most people on Consumer Affairs cited Warby Parker price is fair, and those with the lowest rating report order wait time glitches.

Given our current pandemic situation, Warby Parker notes that frames are properly cleaned before shipped. Very important when considering buying anything nowadays. Hope this helps you find the perfect pair of glasses and save money too.

PS – looking for contacts? click here for deals from Warby Parker.

Start Here » Deals » Save Big with Warby Try At Home Eye Glasses Program
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