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Free Contact Lenses Guide (Plus Offers)

Here is the complete guide to free contact lenses plus offers and discounts, as well as how to maximize your insurance savings.

This free contact lens guide is helpful not only to get free lenses to try, but also to try out several contact lens brands and determine which brand feels more comfortable on you precious eyes.

Guide to Free Contact Lenses List and Offers

Following is a list of the major contact lens manufacturers. Each one makes a family of name brands contact lenses based on vision concerns such as astigmatism, wearing conditions such as daily or monthly, color or type like bifocals. Proclear, Dailies, AirOptix to name a few, all fall within the following manufacturers.

When choosing the right contact lens and the perfect fit, it can be daunting because there are so many choices for contact lenses. To make matters worse, there are also differences within the lens manufacturers that target how much moisture or sensitivity the contacts provide.

To find the best fit for you, free trials are a convenient way to get a free pair to try out before committing to one particular brand and along the process save money as well.


Acuvue – Head over to the Acuvue Free Contact Lens Trial page and fill out the form to receive a Acuvue FREE Contact Lens Certificate. Once completed you can print or download the certificate to your phone to later show your optometrist during your eye appointment to claim your free pair.

The free Acuvue contact lens pairs cover the full array of Acuvue contact products to tray that include lenses for vision issues likes astigmatism as well as Acuvue eye comfort technology like Hydraluxe or Oasis with transitions.

Acuevue extra savings

Create a My Acuvue account to get exclusive savings and reminders. You can also save $250 savings if Acuvue becomes your contact lense of choice. To claim Acuvue reward simply upload your receipt as proof of purchase. Once approved, a virtual or physical ACUVUE® Brand Visa®* Prepaid Card is sent approximately 14 days later.


CooperVision focuses on the uniqueness of vision in that no two eyes are alike, and target the soft contact lens user. They’re best known for their Biofinity brand and for manufacturing disposable lenses. Find contact lenses that help with astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness, and presbyopia or answer a few questions to help determine which lens would work best for you.

To get a free pair, fill out the free trial form to get an e-coupon to try any CooperVision® contact lenses. Then schedule an appointment with your eye doctor to redeem the coupon.


Alcon is the manufacturer of popular brands like Air Optix, DAILIES, Freshlook, and others. Alcon lenses come in daily, weekly, and monthly versions, as well as special lenses for those with astigmatism or presbyopia.

A free pair to try is available by creating a free MyAlcon account.

Bausch & Lomb

Known for BioTrue contacts, Bausch & Lomb also makes customized lenses to address patients with vision needs beyond the typical concerns. Customized gas permeable in addition to soft contact lenses can be found on their site.

A free trial for standard lenses is available by signing up. Choices for free contacts include BioTrue, Pure Vision and Ultra family of lenses.


Although not free, Hubble will send 15 pairs of Hubble Lenses for $1 plus $3 shipping.

You do need your contact lens prescription to order however. To get your prescription call your doctor and obtain a copy of your prescription, or if you have contacts already the prescription info is on the side of the box.

After your first delivery you have the option to continue getting 60 lenses every 28 days, for $39 plus $3 shipping/handling. That’s pretty cheap.

Modify, pause or cancel anytime, there is no commitment. You can either stick to quarterly deliveries or tailor your schedule to suit you.

Where to find cheaper contacts

Once you have your prescription, you can save money by going to wholesale retailers. These offer a wide array of brands for different types of visual conditions with choices for disposable or specialty lenses even. You can also get cheaper contact lens care supplies.

Don’t have your prescription? call your doctor and obtain a copy of your prescription, or if you have contacts already check the prescription box for the lens information on the side of the box.

Even if you decide you don’t like them, you still get to keep the trial lenses .

How to Save money on future contact lens purchase

Contact lens wearers face a lifetime expense with an annual out of pocket expense that easily dips into 4 digits when you also add maintenance and care of your contacts.

Get a copy of your prescription

We often go to the eye doctor and neglect to get a copy of our subscription. Don’t do that. When you have your prescription for both eye glasses and contact lenses you have the power to shop around for better prices on future contact lenses.

Prescription Change

When your contact lens prescription changes you’re back to square one. Are there other brands that have a better fit and are more comfortable? Stick with the same brand or contact the manufacturer for a free pair to try.

Also ask your doctor if they can let you try a new brand since your prescription changed. You don’t lose anything by asking but instead may get a free pair of contacts.

Monthly Subscription Discounts

When you sign up for a subscription you become a regular buyer. To reward you, retailers offer a discount to consumers when subscribing to their product. Contact lens manufacturers are no different. Each of the major contact lens manufacturers offer subscription programs. But, even steeper discounts are also found shopping with contact lens wholesalers.

Major wholesalers to consider include big names like 1800AnyLens, Aclens, 1800 Get Lens. The list goes on.

Key factor for extra savings? Rewards programs, free shipping. Don’t forget to check clearance and general sales.

Non Traditional sources for contact lenses

Consider contact lens subscriptions from general eyewear retailers as well. Think outside the box. For example, known for the Free Try at Home Eyeglasses, Warby Parker entered the contact lens market too.

Likewise, Warby Parker Contact Lense, is a new contact lens marketplace that was started by the founders of Warby Parker. All the major brands of contacts are available with some of the most competitive prices online, and ships them out when you need them.

Through Warby Parker first time customers can get 20% off their first order of contacts. Warby Parker offers a convenient way to purchase several name brand contact lenses at wholesale prices. (Read my article on how to get 20% off your first order here)

Maximize your vision plan

Be familiar with your vision plan. How much out of pocket? What optometrists are covered? Do they offer exclusive savings for in-network, discounts for mail order? What is the process for submitting a claim?

Don’t neglect to read the fine line. Vision plans vary. Don’t assume because someone else has the same plan that yours is the same.


Remember what you signed up for. Especially FSA plans. If you don’t submit your claim, that’s money lost. Typically contact lens care is also covered by HSA and FSA. Are you claiming all the receipts?


Don’t narrow your choices for saving money on contact lenses. Explore the above choices and get a free pair to try. Once you make a choice, search around for more savings on your next pair of contact lenses.

Happy savings, TaLis

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