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Upside Gas Grocery App How it Works & Review (with pix)

Here’s an app that saves money when you eat, drink and drive. Sounds bad doesn’t it? But that’s what Upside does. An addition to the several grocery cash back apps, but with ongoing earning potential. Not points or coupons, it pays real cash.

Gas prices are always going up. With Upside app drivers can keep the cost of commuting down, and even save on groceries, restaurants and convenience stores.

Upside is a mobile app that gives cash back when getting groceries at supermarkets, convenience stores, gasoline and restaurant. Its available for smartphones on Google playstore and the App store.

Its free to use. No membership required. No fees to withdraw earned cash. AND, you keep earning even when you don’t use it. Upside is an ongoing money maker app.

Upside users get 25¢/gallon cash back on gas, up to 45% cash back at restaurants and up to 30% cash back at grocery stores.

Upside Promo Code – Ongoing savings

Open the app now

When you register with Upside using this link, initially you save up to $0.45/gal on gas the first time you fill up your tank when you stack up with the station’s current offer

Unlike most cash back apps however, you get ongoing savings.

In other words, when you sign up with Upside, you save money even without using the app. For example – if you use my referral code Aff25, you get a $0.25 discount the first time you use the app.

You pay it forward by also sharing the app with others, and giving a generous first time savings to your family or friends.

However, with Upside, every time your referral uses the app, you also earn a cash bonus. This bonus adds up to nice savings. This is how Upside saves money on gasoline and keeps earning you money.

Upside Discount

Want up to $0.45/gallon instead of the typical $0.25? CLick HERE

How to use Get Upside

Upside works great not just for anyone who has a car and wants to save on gas. Not just commuters or leisure drivers, but also for anyone working in the delivery industry as well as business owners and corporations in the car industry. Car dealer owners who spend money fueling up loaner cars – heads up!! Uber, Doordash, Grubhub, Lyft drivers.

Upside is for People & Business

Sign up either as an individual or a company

How to get started with Upside (with pictures)

  1. Download Get Upside from the App store or Google Play
  2. Enter your cellphone # if prompted to install app on your phone. Upside is available for Android & iPhone users only.
    GetUpside Cash download

  3. Enter your personal information

    name, email, etc.

  4. Link a credit card

    Enter the credit card you use to pay for gas. Note that you must pay with a credit or debit card when using Upside in order to get cashback. Not cash.
    I give Upside a plus for maintaining user privacy. Upside only prompts for the first 4 and last 4 digits of your credit card.
    Talis Tip: Use a credit card with rewards to maximize your earnings. (I recommend reading about how credit cards and apps can work together to earn more)

  5. Enter welcome code – click link for promo code AFF25
  6. get a 25¢/gal in addition to the gas discount for a total of up to $0.45/gallon. Enter promo code under Profile. (click the link to automatically apply it to your account). (click the lines on the top left on your phone).

That’s it!

You’re ready to start earning.

How to start earning with Upside

Now lets go over how to earn. At first it sounded confusing, but once I followed the prompts it was easy.

How much do you save with Upside?
Up to 45% cash back at restaurants (available in select areas but expanding fast)
● Up to 20% cash back on groceries
● Up to 22% cash back at convenience stores

To get started with Upside and get your promo discount, there are a few things you should know first.

Claim your offer before you make your purchase

Before heading to the gas station, you must claim the offer in the app first. Think of it like activating an offer or adding the offer to your list before going shopping. You can do this before you head to the station or when you get there.
You’ll get credit as long as you activate the offer before you insert the credit card to pay. GetUpside what happens after claiming gas offer

There are 2 Ways to Reedem offers

You can either ‘check in’ or ‘upload receipt’ to redeem a claimed offer. The option to check in is not available everywhere, so be sure to get a receipt.

Pay with the credit card you linked

You must use the credit card you registered in Upside to pay for your claimed offer. If you use another one, it won’t track your purchase and won’t get the credit
There is no limit to how many or what type of credit card you use.

Can you use another discount?

Yes. Upside will just adjust the discount. This doesn’t affect credit card rewards either.

Can you use Upside with other apps and rewards?

Most definitely. Upside works with
Fleet Cards
Fetch Rewards (for receipts only – don’t use Fetch gift cards)
Gas station rewards like Shell

Offers vary based on your area

Offers vary by area and changed based on what offers are available at the time you’re viewing the app. While Shell is an option in Upside, its not available for claiming in my area for example.
Turn on ‘location’ in your phone’s settings to see stores, gas stations and restaurants that have offers to redeem near you

Claimed offers are timed

After clicking ‘claim’, you have a time limit to claim the offer selected. This is so that someone else can claim the offer you’re not able to redeem, and someone else can save.
For restaurants you have 4 hours
For gas stations you have 20 minutes
For grocery – you have 4 hours and limited to 2 redeems per week.

Cheap Gas Near me

Earn up to 25¢/gal cash back every day!

Guide to Redeem Upside at Gas Stations

  • Next time you need gas for your car, open up Upside app
  • The app will show you gas stations near you that are offering a discount. You also see the savings you’ll get, and the price you’ll get after redemption.
    • Upside download bonus saves up to $0.25/gallon on your first transaction. The discounted gas price plus the promo code discount combined.
  • Choose a gas station and click ‘claim offer
    • Once you claim an offer you have a time countdown to redeem the offer. For gasoline, you have 4 hours to fill up your gas tank. Can’t make it? No worries, I was relieved to see the option to ‘unclaim‘.
  • Once you’re at the gas station you may have the option to ‘Check In‘.
    • If you ‘check in’, your transaction is recorded once you pay with the credit card you registered to the app, and the offer is automatically claimed.
    • If you choose to not check in or don’t have that option, simply upload your receipt to claim offer and get cash back
  • After you finish filling up the gas tank you’ll get a message that Upside is processing your transaction.
GetUpside after filling up the gas tank processing screenshot

The app takes between 24 to 48 hours to credit your account.

How to Upside Cash Back at Convenience Stores

This is one of the newest feature recently added in the app. There are two ways to get cash back at convenience stores from Upside. Typically you have to claim an offer prior to redeeming.

However, if you already claimed a gas station offer, there’s no need to claim another offer to shop at the convenience store.

How to redeem? Simply head inside the store to get your snacks or other groceries.

Although if you are simply going inside the convenience store for groceries and will not get gas, you still have to open Upside and click “claim” first.

how to get cash back at convenience stores with Upside

No matter what you do, get cash back when you pay with the credit card you linked to Upside.

How to Cash Out of Upside

After earning cash back, how much cash you have appears in your Upside account. A pro of Upside is it pays cash not points.You can get your cash out of Upside in 3 ways – Bank transfer, gift card or Paypal.

Are there fees to cash out Upside fees? Yes and no.

Cashing of Upside is free if you exchange your cash for gift cards. It is also free to get cash. However, there are minimum thresholds for cashing out via bank transfer or Paypal. If you cash out less than the minimum threshold, there is a $1 fee.

Easily avoid fees by cashing out at least $10 for bank transfer or at least $15 for Paypal.

You can also avoid fees for cashing out small amounts by inviting friends and them actively using the app.

Cash out of Upside by going to the 3 lines on the top left and selecting “cash out”.

Then choose either gift cards, bank or Paypal to cash out. For Paypal simply follow the prompts.

Or choose bank transfer by clicking on the bank icon.

GetUpside cash out via bank transfer

How to set up bank transfer cash out

Upside uses Plaid security technology to protect your personal information. Ibotta and other apps use it too. So far i’ve never had a problem, and I totally trust the technology.

GetUpside bank transfer security with Plaid

Then choose your banking institution

Choose a bank to tranfer GetUpside cash

After choosing your bank the next screen will prompt you to enter your bank’s sign in user name and password.

Connect bank to app by entering your bank's signing credentials

Entering your banks login is a one time deal and it does not save to Upside. Additionally, it is not visible.

After this step my bank asked me to verify my identity. I immediately got a code from my bank to enter into Upside app. Additionally, Upside asked me to verify if it was me linking my bank.

Verify its you linking this bank to GetUpside

Lots of steps to connect your bank to Upside, but well worth it. I didn’t mind it, and prefer the extra security. Plus it gives me a sense that Upside is a legit app that cares about security.

As a heads up, watch for texts from your bank. As a general rule alerts help keep your banking info safe.

Upside and Other Apps

There are several other apps that also give cash back at the pump. They’re all different, so for the sake of untangling which gas cash back app is best to use, here is a comparison of their benefits and downsides.

Upside & Gasbuddy

  • You can use Upside with Gasbuddy
  • Get Upside app is like Gasbuddy as they both earn cash back when you get gasoline.
  • They both show you the discounted gas price per gallon using the app.
  • Unlike GasBuddy however, you don’t have to enter your driver’s license information into the app
  • You also don’t have to use a select card (Gasbuddy card or the like) to pay or get the best price.
  • Also, there is no additional fee or ‘premium tier’ to use Get Upside. Its totally free.
  • Gasbuddy has been around longer, therefore it is available at more gas stations.

Upside & Fluz

  • Fluz – just like Fluz, you earn a reward EVERY TIME anyone you invited to use the app uses the app claims an offer. Ongoing earnings.
  • (Recommended reading: What is Fluz & How to Use)

Upside & Ibotta

  • You can use ibotta with Upside. Simply add the offer and then redeem.
  • Just like ibotta, you earn when you pay online or in store for groceries.
  • Like ibotta, you upload your store receipt to get cash back.
  • Different from ibotta however, you simply check-in at the store or gas station, pay with the registered credit card and wait for cash to show up on your account.
  • Unlike ibotta additionally, Upside gives cash back on gasoline, which is not an option in ibotta. (Recommended reading: What is Ibotta & How to get $20 Download Bonus)

My Review of Upside

The app is relatively new, so a downside to Upside is that it is not available in a lot of areas. For example, I selected my zip code for gas stations, and there were 3 major brands that popped up. None of which I go to. None the less, I still redeemed the offer and got back over $5 on my first claim.

The same goes for restaurant choices. In my area I only get the choice for Popeye’s, Qdoba. For me, the app is also limited for groceries as well. For now, there are none.

From what I see about Upside nationwide however, choices vary per area. The app developers do indicate they’re rapidly expanding, and I do see this is true.

I just opened the app as I was updating this post today and now see a new gas station brand that wasn’t available the first time I used the app.

How long did it take for cash to appear in the app?

For me, not long. The app says up to 48 hours, however, cash was in the app the next day.

What about cashing out?

Connecting my bank and Paypal account was seamless. Like I mentioned above, I haven’t had any security issues with any of the apps that use Plaid.

Is Upside worth it?

Even though it is limited options for stores and gas stations, I think its worth it, and think it will grow. I also recommend to use this app along with other cash back apps to maximize savings along with to linking a credit card with a rewards program.

Final thoughts

try Upside

Try Upside app

Whether its Christmas money or just for fun, there are so many ways to save money with apps, paying full price is a thing of the past. You just have to be savvy about money. That’s why to help you along I created this blog 😉

Happy savings, TaLis

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