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GlossyBOX UK – What is | Promos | 2022 Spoilers

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Glossybox UK monthly boxes contains over £50 worth of high-end beauty products. What is GlossyBox, 2022 spoilers details and offers

GlossyBOX beauty line products and subscription boxes with premium essential skin care, makeup, hair care and other pampering products in both full and travel size are a beautyholic’s golden goose. Why? Because it’s a money saver.

What is Glossybox

Glossybox is a beauty subscription service that delivers premium beauty products to subscribers. It started in 2011 in the UK and has since grown to be the most trusted beauty box and has amassed over 1 million subscribers worldwide.

Boxes typically contain at least 5 beauty products worth over £50 and the regular monthly box price is £13.25

August 2022 UK Glossbox Spoiler Alert

Art of Beauty – In this month’s edit features five artistic beauty treats – worth over £50

Glossybox August 2022 Spoiler

Featuring 5 beauty products worth over £80.

20% off First GLOSSYBOX – Use Code: ARTOFBEAUTY

Glossybox August 2022 ‘Art of Beauty’ with 5 hand-picked beauty products box worth over £50 get 20% off!

GlossyBox ways to save

Using promotional codes, free offers and end of the month discounts the GlossyBOX monthly box subscription is way cheaper than the regular price.

There are several subscription options to choose from.

3 Months of GLOSSYBOX for just £29.99 – Code: GB3MONTH

6 Months of GLOSSYBOX for just £59.99 – Code: GB6MONTH

Get 12 month GlossyBOX for just £132 – Code: GB12MONTH

Glossybox promo code

What’s in this Month’s Glossybox

Glossybox specials

Totally worth it.

Not familiar with Glossybox? Its a beauty subscription box full of premium must-have beauty products, except you pay way less than what they retail for with Glossybox. Full size products too. This post details Glossybox perks, discounts and how it works

After your first month you can elect to continue your subscription or cancel. If you elect to continue just choose how many months you want to receive GlossyBOX. Options are 3, 6, or 12 months.

Hope this helps you save money on ever-so-expensive beauty products.

Happy savings, TaLis

Here’s a snapshot of the beauty products Glossybox typically sends (Glossybox Advent Calendar 2021 pictured below)

$500 worth of beauty products for $99 ($89 for active subscribers)

Use Glossybox promo code: ARTOFBEAUTY

Start Here » Lifestyle » Gift Ideas » GlossyBOX UK – What is | Promos | 2022 Spoilers
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