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GLOSSYBOX – How to Get High End Beauty Essentials without The High Price

How to get high end premium beauty essentials without the high end price? GlossyBOX delivers a beautiful box with full and travel size beauty products that retail for much more than what the monthly box costs. No subscription required.

What is Glossybox

Glossybox is a UK beauty box curator making headway in the US market. With free shipping for all, it delivers premium full and travel size beauty products directly at your door.

Glossybox sells monthly beauty boxes, Limited Edition boxes and Glossybox skincare line.

The monthly Glossybox focuses on a beauty theme centered around a personal pampering spa experience to do in the comfort of your home. Theme box designs often relate to holiday celebrations or events happening in the corresponding month.

Current Glossybox boxes

In November for example, Glossybox theme focused on Halloween with 7 beauty products. The box design was a surprise that came in either red or black, with a pretty gala mask that followed the “Masquerade Theme”.

Glossybox November 2021 Box masquerade

Glossybox monthly boxes are often unique chic, collectible boxes that double as keepsake boxes, storage or use in DIY projects.

Glossybox US and Glossybox UK boxes do not always have the same products or follow the same theme. Which Glossybox will you get? Depends on which Continent you’re in. If you’re in the Americas, you’ll get the US Glossybox. If the UK is closer to you, check out the UK Glossybox resource page.

What is in this month’s GlossyBOX – click here for spoiler

Glossybox contents typically include products with a value of at least $70. Generally the box total value is higher however, which makes Glossybox subscription a great way to get affordable beauty products because depending on whether you use a coupon code or not, you still pay way less than when buying each product separately.

Personally, besides getting affordable beauty products, Glossybox often has products I normally wouldn’t buy. Glossybox is a way to discover and try new beauty products. From premium high end brands to up and coming name brands or niche type brands, the box comes with a variety of products that are different every month.

Limited Edition Glossybox

Typically these are unique design and contents worthy of collecting. Limited edition Glossybox sell like until they’re out of stock. Generally they sell like hotcakes. The Easter Limited Edition Box shown below sold in 3 days!

GlossyBox Easter Limited Edition 2022

For Summer 2022 Glossybox Limited Edition box isn’t even a box actually. It is a multifunctional bag box that’s perfect for travel.

Limited Edition Glossybox sell for $35 ($30 for subscribers), and contain at least 7 products that retail for much more than what GLossybox sells them for.

The Summer Limited Edition includes

Glossybox also sometimes include a surprise Golden Ticket. Last and this year’s 5 random summer limited edition Glossybox have a Golden Ticket.

The Golden Ticket winners get an additional beauty product that’s typically worth over $100.

This year, winners get the chance to win one of the iconic Power Mist packages. Luxe hand sanitizers feature a huge range of delicious fragrances, and leave your hands hydrated, soft and (most importantly) clean worth $117

Glossybox Limited Edition!

Glossybox Barbie Limited Edition Box

GlossyBox Skincare Line

Glossybox also carries its own skincare line as well. Vegan friendly, free of parabens, 100% cruelty free and eco-friendly sugarcane packaging for the majority of products, Glossybox skincare line is affordable and easy to use. They’re sold individually, in bundles or sets.

Glossybox Skin types

Oily skin
Dry skin
Sensitive skin
Blemish Prone Skin

Glossybox Coupons, Discounts & Freebies

Glossybox is available with or without a subscription.

Glossybox subscriptions options range from 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1yr.

Glossybox monthly box price is $21 for 1 month. However, you can score for less or snag a freebie in different ways

There are 4 ways to save money on Glossybox subscriptions

  • Sign up using a promotional or discount code
  • Save money when you subscribe to monthly subscriptions
  • You can save money when you pay for the subscription in-full upfront
  • Join Glossybox rewards program

Glossybox rolls out discount codes regularly to apply at checkout and pay less than the regular price. Where to find Glossybox coupons? Codes are listed in the banner at the top (here). Also as an affiliate of Glossybox, I also get exclusive coupons which I list in my monthly Glossybox spoiler page (US UK)

August 2022 Glossybox coupons: ARTOFBEAUTY (free box)

Friend referral codes save $5 off your first box.

Monthly Subscription Savings

Generally, retailers offer discounts for monthly subscriptions, and therefore save money. If you choose to subscribe to GlossyBOX, choices are 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions to choose from. Prices vary depending on how many months you choose, and all Glossybox subscriptions include free shipping.

With a 1 month subscription there’s no commitment to continue and its priced to cancel at any time. Important: To ensure you don’t accidentally get charged for the next month, log into your GlossyBox account to check.

The regular price of a 1 month subscription is $21. You simply order whenever you want it. View Glossybox monthly spoiler to see the full reveal of what is in the box.

While $21 is the regular price of a Glossybox box, typically there’s a discount and the 1 month Glossybox subscription is much less.

one month glossybox
Use this Promo Code and pay less for a 1 month GlossyBox subscription

Beauty product stock up

A good way to stock up on essential beauty product is the 12 month subscription. Over the span of 12 months you’ll have a steady supply of hair, skin care, makeup and other beauty treats

The best price and most bang for subscription boxes is typically the 1 year subscription. Glossybox has a deal where you pay $1 for the first box when subscribing for a 12 month subscription.

However, if a commitment of 12 months is not something you’re ready for, other Glossybox monthly discounts and coupons for 3 and 6 months subscriptions are available.

Glossybox sampler

Over the 3 month span I was able to sample several brands and had a good choice of beauty essentials and must-haves for my daily beauty routine, yet it wasn’t overwhelming. I recommend getting a 3 month subscription. I call it a GlossyBox sampler because you get a variety of products to help you figure out if Glossybox is worth it for you while still saving money.

Try 3 Month GLOSSYBOX. Only $58.50 (UK? Click here)

Another way to save is by paying for the monthly subscription upfront.

Glossybox Price breakdown

Pay Monthly
1 month: $21 per month most flexible
12 month: $18 per month new plan

Pay Upfront
3 month: $19.50 per box, one upfront payment of $58.50.
6 month: $18.50 per box, one upfront payment of $111.
12 month: $17.50 per box, one upfront payment of $210. best value

Glossybox freebies and perks

GlossyBOX also offers freebies and perks with signups regularly throughout the month.

For example, for the 2021 holiday season, the limited edition GlossyBOX Advent Calendar box was priced at $99. However, new subscribers saved an additional $10 off when they subscribed and at one point there was a limited deal where one a 1 month subscription got you a free box as well.

Another example, during the summer random limited time edition boxes also contained a surprise golden ticket for a chance to win a flat iron worth $350.

july glossybox golden ticket

View this months US Glossybox offers and spoilers here or UK Glossybox spoilers here

GlossyBOX Perks

Subscribers to Glossybox collect rewards called Glossy Credits and another way to save. Answering surveys and writing reviews about the products inside the box earn credits redeemable for big name brands like Bumble & Bumble, Estée Lauder, Caudalie to name a few.

Priority access to Limited Edition and monthly boxes is an another GlossyBOX perk for subscribers.

Advent Calendar Glossybox 2022 spoiler alert

Limited Edition: GlossyBOX Advent Calendar 2022

GlossyBOX Advent Calendar 2022 box is a steal

The beauty industry financial outlook keeps growing and getting more expensive. As consumers we can still get beauty products at an affordable price. Overall, GlossyBOX perks, discounts, limited edition deals, free shipping and new products I normally wouldn’t buy, GlossyBOX is great for getting skin care and beauty products on a budget.

Happy savings, TaLis.

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Start Here » Deals » GLOSSYBOX – How to Get High End Beauty Essentials without The High Price
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