What is Amazon Fresh?

Grocery delivery is something that is taking off across the country. Its all about the convenience of having more time for you and less time for chores. This is a convenient service that comes in very handy when you are cooking something and realize that you don’t have a specific ingredient at hand. I remember cooking my Thanksgiving meal one year, and the recipe called for something which I thought I had at home but didn’t. I ended up substituting it for something else because – one: it is not fun to go grocery shopping on Thanksgiving day, and Two: there wasn’t enough time to go to the grocery store.

Enter Amazon Fresh. A grocery delivery service available in select markets. You can order fresh food like meat and eggs as well as prepared foods.  The service is convenient for sure.  Sometimes I get home from work and do not feel like moving a muscle, let alone cooking.  The service also allows you to schedule your delivery, which can be scheduled for the same day too.

The service costs $14.99 per month for unlimited grocery delivered to your door. You do have to be an Amazon Prime or Amazon Student member in order to add this service. If you are an EBT card holder however, you can get Amazon Prime for $5.99/ month.    The website also states that for deliveries under $50, there is an additional fee of $9.99   

Would it work for you?

You’d have to think about how much you would regularly order and how much your bill would total. Its not worth paying an additional delivery fee if you are already paying the added monthly fee for this service.  Consider how much your current grocery bill is. If it is more than $50 on a regular basis then this service would benefit you because you will most likely place an order that won’t incur an additional fee for delivery.

Still, what matters here is how much you pay for food.  What are the prices like? Every market is different, so what I pay for bananas may not be what you pay. Take a look at your supermarket grocery bill and compare it to their prices. Are they higher or lower?

Additional savings:


Amazon Fresh also  has coupons that you can instantly apply to your cart.  No cutting or searching, just click to add.  For those of us who use coupons, this is an added check mark for convenience.  In addition, there are also ‘weekly fresh deals’ offered as well.   As I write this article, Red Rock Deli Potato Chips are offered for 1 penny.  

In all, this is a service that may or may not work for you, but you can try it free for 30 days to find out, and you can cancel at any time.

Hope this helps to save you time and money,

As always, Happy Savings!


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