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AR & Video Gift Wrap – Stock Up For Christmas

Gift wrap paper with your face on it along with an Augmented Reality app? or a holiday video gift wrap? The gift wrap itself is a surprise.

This is the time of the year when you can stock up for the next holiday season to save money. Stock up on things that are always needed for Christmas like tape, labels and gift wrap paper. However, wrap paper is no longer just boring paper. Its joined the age of technology by adding your face on the wrap paper along with an app or a video. Its 2020 – time to upgrade your Christmas wrap paper.

This Elfie Dance™ AR Gift Wrap is pretty unique. Its a custom gift wrap with your face on it that comes with an augmented reality app to see it come to live doing the floss. Simply upload a picture and the company prints your face on the wrap paper. You can choose more than one face. The company will then send you details to use an AR app so you can see the little elves with your face on it doing the floss. Would you imagine a kids face when they see themselves? Save money and get it while on sale.

Also on sale is The Holiday Family Video Gift Wrap – a gift wrap with your face on it along with a personalized video message. Can’t be present to give the gift? Send a message with it and its like you are. The video is only viewable to anyone with the link, so it is private. For anyone with family far away this is an awesome gift. Get it while on sale. You simply upload a picture and a short video. Your holiday family video gift wrap then arrives in about a week.


Its amazing what technology can do! Stock up now and have it ready to wrap your your gifts.

Happy savings, TaLis

Some graphics made with Canva.

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