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How to Save at Home Depot

Looking to save money at Home Depot? 

  • Every day Home Depot has a ‘special deal of the day’.  It varies every day.  Starts at 12:01am and ends at 12:59pm based on your time zone. Deals are both for in-store and online with free shipping for the item.  To see what the deal of the day is check out: Home Depot Buy of the Day daily.
  • If you are in store, don’t forget to check out the Clearance Sections, usually located throughout the store, at the end of the aisles per section. I do this at every store when I shop, and post it on my YouTube channel to share with other shoppers. 
  • I’m not big on suggesting to open credit cards, but depending on your project it may be worth it. When you open a new Home Depot credit card account in store, Home Depot will give you a discount for using the credit card within 30 days. $25 when you spend a minimum of $25 up to $999 or $100 when you spend $1000 or more. Open the account and make a $25 purchase and get back $25 credited to your account = Free

Happy Savings, 

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