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Affordable Beauty Essentials with GLOSSYBOX

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As an alternative to paying full price for beauty products, GlossyBOX subscription box may be the answer for those of us who want premium beauty products at an affordable price. The US GlossyBOXsubscription edition delivers a mixture of full and travel size beauty products at a fraction of the price.

What is Glossybox

Glossybox is a UK beauty box making headway in the US market ships premium full size beauty products directly to your door with free shipping. Each month Glossybox focuses on a beauty theme to create a personal spa aura in the comfort of your home.

During the month of September for example, Glossybox US theme focused on creating a relaxing experience with 7 beauty products to wash away the stress and wrinkles of daily life.

It included over $100 worth of products, but you’re not paying that price.

Glossybox US reveal

What is in this month’s GlossyBOX – click here for spoiler

Glossybox October Box masquerade

Glossybox is typically valued at around $70ish. Often the box total value is higher however, which makes Glossybox subscription a great way to get affordable beauty products.

Each monthly Glossybox usually contains 5 or 6 beauty products delivered in a chic collectible box that can double as a keepsake box. Some people use the boxes for DIY projects.

Another benefit of Glossybox besides getting affordable beauty products , is that it is also a way to get beauty products from brands you normally wouldn’t buy. From premium high end brands to little known, niche type brands, the box comes with a variety or products that are different every month.

Glossybox Coupons, Discounts & Freebies

Glossybox is available with or without a subscription.

Glossybox subscriptions options range from 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1yr.

Cost starts at $21 for 1 month. However, you can score cool savings or snag a freebie with exclusive coupons.

There are 4 ways to save money on Glossybox subscriptions

  • Use a promo code
  • You can save money when you pay for the subscription upfront
  • Save money when you subscribe to Glossybox for 1yr

With a 1 month subscription there’s no commitment to continue. If you choose to subscribe to GlossyBOX, simply sign up for a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription.

Another discount is available with a 12 month subscription, where you’ll pay $1 for the first box. The montly subscription price for the 12 month signup is also less.

Get your first GlossyBox for $1 with a 12-month Subscription

A 12 month subscription is an excellent gift for someone and savings for you.

However, if a commitment of 12 months is not something you’re ready for, other Glossybox discounts and coupons are available.

Glossybox sampler

A 3 month subscription sampler is a great to get a good idea if Glossybox is worth it for you and still save money, with a cost of $58.50.

Subscribe for 3 Month GLOSSYBOX. Only $58.50

Beauty product stock up

A good way to stock up on essential beauty product is the 6 month subscription. Over the span of 6 months you’ll have a steady supply (unless you’re a beauty fashionista)

GlossyBOX also offers freebies and discounts with signups regularly throughout the month.

For example, for this holiday season, the limited edition GlossyBOX Advent Calendar box is available for $99. However, new subscribers can save an additional $10 off when they subscribe this month.

During August subscribing to GlossyBOX 12 month subscription also came with a discount deal for the August Party box.

During July, random boxes also contained a surprise golden ticket for a chance to win a flat iron worth $350.

TaLis Tip: Find out this month’s discount & deal idea here

GlossyBOX Perks

Subscribers to Glossybox collect rewards called Glossy Credits. Answering surveys and writing reviews about the products inside the box earn credits redeemable for big name brands like Bumble & Bumble, Estée Lauder, Caudalie to name a few.

Priority access to Limited Edition boxes is an another GlossyBOX perk for subscribers. GlossyBOX Limited Edition boxes contain premium beauty products from prestigious brands. In the past, boxes have included full size products from Sunday Riley, Viktor & Rolf, Lancôme. Limited edition boxes are available at select times throughout the year.

For example, the Summer Limited Edition GlossyBOX contained 9 products with a total cost of over $140 that includes a stylish cosmetic travel bag. These sell out fast, and only available for a limited time.

GLOSSYBOX Limited Edition bags are seasonal or holiday themed beauty products. With the Christmas holiday coming, the limited edition GlossyBOX have a holiday theme as well. Limited edition Glossybox costs around 30ish dollars.

For example, The Summer Glossybox, available through summer/early fall, cost $30 for subscriber, $35 for non subscribers.

$500 worth of beauty products for $99 ($89 for active subscribers)

Limited Edition: GlossyBOX Advent Calendar 2021

GlossyBOX Advent Calendar 2021 box is a steal to score $550 worth of beauty products for as low as $99, ($89 for US subscribers).

For the Christmas Holiday Limited edition Glossybox Advent Calendar box is already available to order. It contains over $550 worth of products for $99.

At this price each product comes out to $6.19.

As the beauty industry financial outlook keeps growing, as consumers we can still get premium beauty products at an affordable price. Overall, GlossyBOX isn’t just a box with beauty products at a fraction of the price. Between perks, discounts, limited edition deals, free shipping and new products I normally wouldn’t buy, GlossyBOX is great for getting skin care and beauty products on a budget.

Happy savings, TaLis.

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Start Here » Deals » Affordable Beauty Essentials with GLOSSYBOX
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