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Is RedBox Free Live TV Any Good?

A while back I decided to cut the cable bill and searched for a way to watch free movies and tv shows. I tried Redbox Free Live TV – and found it has free or almost free tv service.

Keeping pace with consumer demand to pay less to watch tv and other movie services, Redbox has several ways to watch the latest movies as well as live tv. Depending on what and how you choose to watch, the service is either free, discounted or paid.

Free Live TV – how it works

Free Live TV is a Redbox no cost, free channels service. While it doesn’t offer access to the major broadcasting networks like ABC or NBC, Redbox has several channels that shows movies and TV shows, documentaries, comedy shows, etc.

The Good

  • No subscription or sign in required
  • Include several popular channels like TMZ, USA Today
  • Features Redbox channels – a collection picked by Redbox
  • Watch as often as you want

Some of the shows and movies are only available for a limited time.

The Bad

  • The downside is that it shows ads.
  • Shows where nothing to write home about and had no popular shows
  • No news or local stations
  • Linked to Redbox movies, which means you’re going to get movie rental propaganda.

Still, if you just want something to watch, its another streaming service and you can watch something that’s entertaining.

How to get Redbox Free Live TV

  • To watch Free Live TV simply go to redbox.com. Watch on a PC or laptop
  • Download the Redbox app to your Android™ and iPhone® to watch on mobile devices.

Free Live TV is available on Samsung or Android TV, Roku, Apple TV, LG & Vizio devices.

You can also cast it from another device to your TV.

To get Free Live TV on Amazon firestick you can download the Redbox APK file to your TV by going to settings and then editing the developers option to allow for ‘unknown sources’.

Redbox discounts and perks

Redbox is mainly geared towards rentals and buying movies. The tv streaming service will link you up to get discount codes from Redbox and emails on whatever new movie is available for rent.

Every time you rent, buy or watch a movie or get a game be sure to sign in to your account and get Redbox Perks. This is how you can save money to watch movies or rent games on Redbox.

You can watch Free Live TV and On Demand anytime, anywhere.

Redbox Movies & Game Rentals

If you don’t mind getting emails about movie rentals then Redbox movie perks may be for you. You can rent on demand or at the kiosk.

Redbox Kiosk

Redbox offers the choice of renting movies at the box or buying movies at the kiosk. They’re conveniently located in popular convenience stores like 7 Eleven, supermarkets, and gas stations.

Redbox movie kiosk

There may be issues with the kiosk rental if its located inside a supermarket. If you’re going to use the kiosk make sure its outside of a building and you have access at any time and not be fined for a late movie return.

Cheap movies

Basically, Redbox ends up selling the thousands of movies and games in their library. Used and of course cheaper movies to add to your movie library. You can purchase used movies online or physical discs at the kiosk.

The selection ranges from kids & family movies to horror movies and drama of course. Prices start at $3.99

Buy on Demand digital movies purchased are downloaded and added to your movie library to watch anytime. Currently purchasing with an iOS device is not possible however. Instead rent or buy from any mobile or desktop web browser first. Then watch on Apple TV from your Library.

Overall I ended up not using Free live TV. It didn’t quite have shows that were exciting. Eventually I forgot about it. However, as the price of streaming services keep increasing, Free live tv is a good backup for tv watching

Happy savings, TaLis

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