How to get your Bonus for Joining Ibotta

A lot of people join ibotta, but miss out on getting their bonus. That’s because ibotta rewards you with a download bonus for trying out the app, which means you have to make a transaction in order to get the bonus. Simply downloading the app is not enough. As a new ibotta user, there are a few things so you should know to make the most of this app, and avoid getting your account deactivated. The first thing to know when you first download the ibotta app, is that new users have 7 days to make their first transaction in order to get the ibotta download bonus. If you don’t, you’ll miss out!

Follow these steps to ensure you get your bonus

  • Once you download ibotta, ‘verify your device’. Super important: do this on the same device you registered, or your account will be locked. 
  • Next, create a store and rebate list. 
  • Add offers to your account by clicking the ‘+’ sign. Although, the easiest way to make a transaction that will qualify for as a purchase is to use ‘pay with ibotta’ feature, because the offer is instantly added to your account.
  • Go shopping! If you prefer to add a store rebate instead of ‘pay with ibotta, simply purchase the items that correspond to the offers you added on the ibotta app. Super important: Save the receipt!
  • Open the ibotta app, click on ‘redeem’
  • Follow the directions: Take a picture of the receipt, which should match the offers you added. You’ll be asked to scan the UPC symbol of the item you purchased.  
  • Once you finish scanning all the items you purchased click send, and that’s it!

Once your purchase is verified, your cash will be credited to your account. You can also watch this video to learn how to create a store and rebate list on ibotta.

Issues to know about ibotta

Before you download ibotta, it’s a good idea for you to be aware of issues people have using ibotta. I regularly get emails and messages from people whose ibotta account is locked or deactivated. In the article Issues with Ibotta: Know before You Download, I point out several things to know about Ibotta to avoid, and therefore focus on making money with this app!  There is also a series of ibotta videos as well to help you use ibotta. Learn how to withdraw your cash, use teams and so on. 

Don’t have it?
ibotta is available to download from itunes or google play

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