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Fluz App – What it is & How to Use

Learn how to use Fluz cashback App & how to save money whenever you pay for something – including your bills

When you use referral code SAVINGWITHTALIS you’ll automatically receive three 35% cash back vouchers

What is Fluz app?

Fluz is a cashback app that pays users who buy gift cards . It’s similar to pay with ibotta & pay with Fetch but with a twist – you don’t have to upload receipts, no need buy products to get cash back, and you can use it to pay your bills and earn money. In fact, you can also use Fluz to pay for your online purchases when you shop with other cash back and virtual mall apps like Ibotta Drop, TopCashback or Rakuten among others, and double your earnings.

Everybody Earns with Fluz

Unlike other cashback apps, with Fluz app you earn money every time someone your referred and joined earns money. Your referrals become part of your earning network. This is what makes Fluz pay better than pay with ibotta or pay with Fetch.

How Fluz Earnings Network Works

Everyone that joins Fluz through your invitation link automatically becomes part of your direct network. When your referral earns cashback, you earn cashback too – for as long as they use the app. However, you also earn when a person that you invited earns from someone they invited.

How to use Fluz to make money

Use my referral code SAVINGWITTALIS to receive (3) 35% cashback vouchers after download

redeem vouchers at select stores that include Starbucks, CVS, Burger King, Chipotle and more…

  • link a credit or a debit card in order to pay for your purchase – preferably a credit card because its safer than a debit. Also, I recommend using a credit card with a great rewards program to maximize your earning potential. ( I use one that currently gives 5% cash back ).

Fluz Download Bonus:

After downloading Fluz, in addition to the above mentioned vouchers, you also score a download bonus. To find your bonus select “Earn” at the bottom of the screen, and scroll down. You’ll see the option for “Starter Bonus”.

fluz app download bonus

In order to get the Fluz bonus follow the steps outlined in the app, such as linking a payment method, choosing an email, making your first purchase, etc.

How to Pay with Fluz

Pay with Fluz is basically a way to pay for your purchases using a gift card that you buy in Fluz app

To buy a Fluz gift card, simply search and click on the store you will be shopping. Choose the amount of the gift card you want to purchase. At checkout just show the cashier the gift card barcode and done. You’ll earn with Fluz & with the linked credit card’s reward program.

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Amazon & Fluz – how to earn cash back

Although there are plenty of apps that earn cash back when shopping online, when it comes to Amazon, cashback is typically available when making select purchases. Thus, you don’t always earn cash back and miss out on savings.

Yet with Fluz, you always get cash back on your Amazon purchase because you earn when you use Fluz to pay. Here are the steps to earn cash back at Amazon with Fluz:

Amazon cash back Fluz app

Example: Say you’re shopping on Amazon and your total is $11.88.

  1. Shop on Amazon as normal and add items to your cart.
  2. When you get to the step to review your purchase, see what your total payment is – including taxes and shipping.
  3. Then open Fluz app, search for Amazon
  4. Enter the total amount you need to pay – then click “purchase”.
  5. Choose a method to pay for your gift card – bank account, credit card or use your Fluz balance.
  6. You´ll get a barcode and the gift card numbers. Just like a physical gift card.
  7. Add the Fluz gift card to your Amazon account – simply enter the gift card digits.
  8. Pay for your Amazon purchase with the gift card you purchased on Fluz.

Tip: For shoppers using Amazon Promo Codes – the code will automatically apply at checkout. You’ll save with the code and earn cash back from Fluz no matter what you’re buying.

How much should the gift card amount be? You can either choose a pre-selected gift card amount prior to going to the store, or wait until you´re at the store and select the exact payment amount. Any money left in the gift card you can use another time.

Ways to Earn with Fluz

Pay your bills – get paid back.

Shop online or in-store – get cash back (Amazon, Best Buy & several other stores)

Get paid when you eat, or grocery shop.

I recorded this video right after downloading the app (so it shows $0 balance) so you can check it out.

What you need to know about Fluz

  • Users have to be at least 18 years old
  • Fluz is available on Android or iPhone
  • You need a debit or a credit card
  • Only available in the US

How to Cash out of Fluz App

You can withdraw your cash from Fluz after your account balance reaches $26. Simply connect your PayPal to Fluz app. PayPal no longer lets you keep the money in their account, so you’ll need to transfer it either to your bank, an investment account.

Reviews about Fluz app are fantastic. Everyone comments on how quickly they have earned cashback. I downloaded it and love it. The app is free to use, and there are no fees to withdraw cash. Plus I earn even when I don´t use it.

Don´t miss out on cash. Download the app to at least try it out. Use my referral SAVINGWITHTALIS and get your three vouchers plus your download bonus.

fluz cash back app

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Happy savings, TaLis

*Note: Saving with TaLis is an independent Fluz app promoter .

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