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How to use Shopkick to get free drinks at Starbucks

Get free drinks or food at Starbucks? Yes please! Here is how:

I love Starbucks coffee. Their pastries are wonderfully tasty in addition to a big chunk of calories, but I don’t care. It tastes great. One thing I don’t love however, is the price. I know people that go every day, and I wonder how they can afford it.  I’d like to go every day too. 

shopkick app kicks showing kicks and target my rewards and all rewards optionI once met a lady that said they use to spend $200 a month on Starbucks because stopping to get coffee was part of their morning routine. ‘Wow, that’s a lot of money’!! Then she said that its much less now, because she downloaded the Starbucks app and joined their rewards program and now spends less. The Starbucks app rewards you with a free food or drink after a certain amount of purchases. However, I still find this an expensive option because you still pay the regular price for whatever you are buying before you can get something free. For me, saving money is about my final out of pocket expense, not just about getting a freebie. Then showed the person how I get free drinks at Starbucks. Here is how:

One way I save money at Starbucks is by using Shopkick.

What is Shopkick and how does it work: This is a shopping rewards app that gives you “kicks” (or points) for scanning certain items, walking into certain stores, purchasing products through the app, or browsing products.  The kicks accumulate, and are redeemable for rewards such as gift cards and merchandise. One of the rewards gift cards to redeem is a Starbucks gift card. Because it is easy to accumulate ‘kicks’, it is easy to reach the amount needed to redeem for a $5 Starbucks gift card. You can definitely get a cup of java for less than $5 at Starbucks. 

shopkick app
If you have a smartphone, follow these simple steps to get free food or drinks at Starbucks:
First, Download Shopkick App: http://getsk.co/shop146357 (use invite code SHOP146357)
  • Redeem 1250 kicks for a $5 Starbucks card. (this video shows you how easy it is to get ‘kicks’)
  1. Download the Starbucks app on your smartphone. Don’t forget to double up your savings by joining the Starbucks rewards program. 
  2. Enter the Starbucks gift card information from Shopkick on the “pay” section of the Starbucks app.
  3. Go to Starbucks, and use Starbucks app to pay. 

Presto – Free food or coffee! This purchase will also count towards earning Starbucks ‘stars’ and get a freebie as long as you use the Starbucks app.

I later saw the person that use to spend $200 a month on their morning coffee routine. After doing the above, she was still going to Starbucks, but said she was happily saving a ton of money!

Want to see how Shopkick works? Watch the following video:

Tip: Stack with other Apps
Quite often, your purchase can be stacked with other apps. Make sure to check IbottaSavingstarCheckout 51, Fetch Rewards, and other apps you use along with Shopkick.  

Happy Savings, 


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