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How to Win Points from Fetch Rewards

Do you have Fetch Rewards? If not download Fetch Rewards app. (referral code T0YVQ). Once downloaded, then enter Fetch Rewards contests & sweepstakes.

Fetch contests are fantastic point boosters. The last one offered 1 million points by entering the Brand Bracket Challenge. Sweepstakes are offered regularly however.

Fetch Rewards is a mobile app that rewards users for snapping pictures of grocery receipts. New users get automatic 2000 Fetch welcome points after submitting their first receipt. (though they often run extra promo points with download).

1000 Fetch points = $1. You earn more Fetch points when you buy products from select brands. With as little as 3000 points you can start redeeming your points for gift cards like CVS, Amazon and other popular stores.

You can earn free points by basically snapping any receipt. You can submit receipts from gas stations, grocery stores, drug stores, online purchases, restaurants, movie theaters, fast food chains and prescriptions. Receipts with no qualifying point purchases automatically earn 25 free points.

If your receipt matches a brand on Fetch you’ll get points added to the account based on how much you paid. So for example, I bought a case of Pepsi and paid $9.99. I earned 99 Fetch points.

How to earn points shopping online

If you’re an Amazon shopper you can link your Amazon account to the app and get Fetch points as well. To connect both accounts click “me” at the bottom of the app. Then select “e-receipts” and click “connect” Amazon. Then enter your Amazon account credentials.

You can also connect your email to Fetch and earn points from e-receipts. To link your accounts click on “me” at the bottom in the app. Then click on “Google” and agree to terms. Select the google account where you receive e-receipts.

Points are automatically added when you shop at

How to Enter Fetch Sweepstakes & contests

  1. First download Fetch Rewards app to your mobile and register. Registration is free.
  2. Then upload any receipt to get your welcome points (2000 points) and activate your account.
  • 3. To access and/or enter the Promotion select Rewards,
  • 4. then select “Sweepstakes”
  • 5. Sweepstakes vary and you have a limited amount of time to enter drawings.
  • Select the number of entries. Points from your account are deducted based on how many entries you select. For example, 1 entry deducts 100 points.

Brand Bracket Challenge

The image below shows the last bracket challenge and following are the directions on how it worked. Since I joined there’s been a couple of Brand Bracket Challenges, and the directions have been pretty much the same, so I am keeping it in this post so you can get an idea of how it works and be ready for it the next time there’s one happening. (Be sure to subscribe to get alerted).

How to play Brand Bracket Challenge

a. General. Brackets will consist of Thirty-two (32) participating products, which will compete in head-to-head matchups in an elimination-style tournament. The winner of each matchup will be determined by whichever of the two products has more unit sales across all Fetch Rewards users purchases from receipts completed within the Fetch Rewards app during that rounds timeframe. For example, if Brand A is in a matchup with Brand B, and Brand A has 999 units purchased across all Fetch Rewards users receipts during that round’s time frame, and Brand B has 900 units purchased, Brand A would advance to the next round and Brand B would be eliminated. Brands will continue to advance through to the next round of the tournament until one winning product remains.

Submit your prediction of which products Entrants must submit their prediction of which products will advance each round of the tournament prior to Lock Time. You’ll earn points for every correct prediction. Note that these points are not related to Fetch Points and will neither add nor subtract points from your Fetch Points Available Balance.

The entrant with the highest score at the end of the tournament wins, unless a Tiebreaker is required.

The schedule for the matchups will be as follows:

RoundMatch PeriodPoints per correct pickRound Winner(s) announcement Date
Round 1:32 teams, 16 matchupsFebruary 26-2810 points per correct pickFebruary 29
Round 2:16 teams, 8 matchupsMarch 1-220 points per correct pickMarch 3
Round 3:8 teams, 4 matchupsMarch 4-540 points per correct pickMarch 6
Round 4:4 teams, 2 matchupsMarch 7-880 points per correct pickMarch 9
Championship:2 Teams, 1 matchupMarch 10-11160 points per correct pickMarch 12 

c. Scoring. Everyone starts with a score of 0 and will earn points for every matchup outcome correctly predicted. The points earned for each correct pick varies by round and is as follows:

  • Round 1 (32 teams, 16 matchups): 10 points per correct pick
  • Round 2 (16 teams, 8 matchups): 20 points per correct pick
  • Round 3 (8 teams, 4 matchups): 40 points per correct pick
  • Round 4 (4 teams, 2 matchups): 80 points per correct pick
  • Championship (2 teams, 1 matchup): 160 points per correct pick

d. Lock-time. All picks will lock once the bracket is submitted. Your picks for the matchups must be submitted, received and recorded by Sponsor’s computer by Tuesday, February 25, 2020 at 11:59pm CST.

f. Limit. One (1) entry per person. The prize total value of all prizes was 1,400,000 points.

Hope this helps you get extra points on Fetch.

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