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How to get a Higher Earning Ibotta Bonus Referral code 7p8dfg

Its easy to save money on groceries – join ibotta.

Why Join Ibotta

Its fun, rewarding, and you save money. It’s an easy to use, cash back rewards app. I use it every time I grocery shop and I have received over 5K since I started using it.

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Ibotta referral code for new users

As a new Ibotta user you’re eligible to get up to $20 sign up bonus cash for trying out the app. But you only get the bonus by using a referral link and entering a referral code.

Use mine – 7p8dfg

(Note -ensure there are no other digits or symbols after ‘g’)

To get started just click here to download ibotta to your smartphone and enter referral code 7p8dfg to get a $10 welcome bonus. Plus another $10 cash back with the offers you redeem for a total of up to $20 just for trying it out.

However, when you follow the steps below, get a higher earning bonus after download. If you don’t like ibotta, you still keep the cashback.

Got questions? This article explains how to get ibotta download bonus.  

How to Use referral code 7p8dfg to get a Higher Earning Ibotta Bonus

When you download ibotta you’re essentially getting $10 free. Therefore, buy $10 worth of stuff WISELY and your ibotta bonus will turn into a higher earning referral bonus.

Follow these steps to get more than the regular $20 bonus cashback:

  1. Download ibotta and enter code 7p8dfg (you get $10 after redeeming your first offer).
  2. After download enter your email and cellphone number.
  3. Then scroll to the bottom and search for “Bonus”
  4. Bonus earning will increase your overall bonus earnings in 2 ways – by buying products that stack extra savings AND by purchasing a select number of products listed in weekend or midweek or special event promotional bonus.

Here is an image of what it looks like:

Ibotta score an extra $10 for buy 15 products.
  • Under Bonus search the products that earn additional cashback when purchased. You double your earnings when you buy the listed products – First cashback for the product itself, and then for completing the bonus.
  • Also search for ibotta free offers. The following image shows how ibotta lists the items that are fully refunded, making them free and therefore maximizing your earnings.
Free offers in ibotta app

Search for “free” in the search bar at the top and all the free after cash back offers come up.

Follow the above steps and your new ibotta user bonus will get the most earnings possible.

Here are some current ibotta deals to get you started

After Ibotta download, What’s next?

Next, learn how to fully use ibotta to maximize your grocery shopping savings. The ultimate ibotta video guide will easily help you set it up, connect to stores and earn cash to set aside for vacay or another goal.

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Happy savings, TaLis

ibotta referral code high earning bonus
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