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Ibotta TeamWork: How to Set it up and Use it to Earn Extra Cash

Ibotta users: after downloading ibotta, the next step is to learn about ibotta teamwork – set it up so that you can start earning extra cash

If you already have the Ibotta app, then you know how easy it is to get cashback on your every day purchases – from groceries to clothes to travelling.

You simply shop, take a picture of the receipt and submit the rebate for cash.  But in addition to rebates, you can earn cash back through teamwork. 

Don’t have ibotta but wonder what its all about and want to get an easy up to $20 trying it out, THIS post explains how and what ibotta is all about)

How to Start Ibotta Team

ibotta teamwork is basically a group of people who have the Ibotta app. Users typically share their referral code via text, email or social media to get referrals and connect more users.  When an ibotta users sends Facebook friend requests to other ibotta users – and that person accepts the friend requests or downloads the app using your referral code, they automatically become your teammate.

In other words, someone has to already have the ibotta app to be added to your ibotta team. This means that all the people that entered my ibotta referral code (7p8dfg) as a first time ibotta user are automatically my teammates 🙂

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How Ibotta Teamwork Works

All of your teammates work together to earn extra cash by completing teamwork levels within ibotta. The more offers you redeem as a team, the easier it is to reach a level and extra cash to maximize your grocery shopping trips

Ibotta Teamwork Levels

Every month ibotta has different levels that a team completes. Usually the first level pays very little, but as your team completes the levels the payout increases. (Here is a screenshot of what it looks like)

Team Bonus Sweepstakes and Other Earnings

Additionally, ibotta often runs team bonus contests where they group teams against other teams and whichever team redeems the most offers wins the pot. 

Teamwork Questions

Can you use ibotta without having teams?

Sure. But you´ll earn less. Even if you stick with just using your referral code you still can still benefit from teamwork.

What if they already have ibotta? Simply send a Facebook friend request. Once they accept they’re part of your team.


Let’s be Friends

Join my Facebook page, join my ibotta team, send me a Facebook friend request (TaLis), and show your support by subscribing to my YouTube Channel,

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This video explains how it works and set up:

How to See Your Teammates in Ibotta app

To see your teammates go to the settings section and select preferences. There are different options to select how you want to see ibotta events. Email, push, content, privacy. Go through each section and select your choices. “Push” and “content”are the most important of the listed options in relation to seeing teammates and how teammates see you.

Personally, I elect to participate in teammates, but I elected not to share my activity. I also elected not to see my teammates activity. As a result, I don´t show as being an active member. 

My recommendation is to sign up for teamwork, but don´t fret about not seeing who they are or their activity. Focus instead on just growing your ibotta team so you can get the team benefit. This is especially a big help when ibotta runs bonus and contests.

Hopefully this clarifies how teamwork works and its benefits. Have a question? feel free to drop a comment.

Happy savings,

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