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Ibotta TeamWork: How to Set it up and Use it to Earn Extra Cash

Ibotta users: one of the first things you should do is learn how to set up ibotta teamwork and use it to earn extra cash.

If you already have the Ibotta app, then you know how easy it is to get cashback on your every day purchases – from groceries to clothes to travelling. You simply shop, take a picture of the receipt and submit the rebate for cash.  But in addition to rebates, you can earn cash back through teamwork. 

How it works: with ibotta teamwork, basically a group of people who have the Ibotta app share their referral code via text, email or social media like Facebook.  Ibotta users on Facebook send each other friend requests.  Once the other person accepts the friend requests or downloads the app using the referral code, they are automatically teammates and ready for teamwork to earn extra cash! Find ibotta friends, and grow your team. The more offers you redeem as a team, the easier it is to reach bonus and extra cash to maximize your grocery shopping trips.

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