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Instacart Savings for EBT SNAP Holders

Exclusive promo for EBT and SNAP holders to get extra savings using Instacart to shop for groceries and other necessities.

To get this deal all you have to do is sign up with Instacart and then make sure you add your EBT SNAP card information to your account. Then make sure to you EBT | SNAP to pay. This deal scores free grocery delivery or pickup on your first 3 orders of $35 or more.

This deal is available through 6/30/22.

No promo code needed. (Note: using a code may void this promotion)

If you are a first time Instacart user, you get free delivery on your first order generally but EBT | SNAP holders get 3 free delivers with this link.

Instacart app SNAP EBT shopping screenshots
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Select Participating Retailers

EBT & SNAP is accepted at several retailers. However, this deal gives 3 free grocery pickup and delivery shopping trips.

Therefore, be aware that this deal is available at select participating retailers. Don’t go shopping without verifying if the store you’re heading to participates in this promotion to score 3 freebies. I know, its a pain in the neck to check, but it’s worth the savings.

This Instacart page lists all the participating retailers that accept in this deal in your area.

Big box stores like Walmart & Target DO NOT participate in this deal, as well as the giant Amazon.

These major retailers have their own promotions for EBT | SNAP holders. Check Amazon EBT, Walmart EBT programs on their website.

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Where to find Instacart savings & codes

Is there a promo code for Instacart?

Advertised Instacart coupon codes

Another way to find Instacart promo codes is by going to obviously. Don’t discount their site as they often have flash coupon codes as well.

Head over to the Instacart promos and coupons tab and scroll to the bottom to see Instacart’s public offers and promotional codes.

Sometimes Instacart offers exclusive coupons to existing customers. Search the Instacart App side menu or log in to your Instacart account on a PC or laptop

When are Instacart coupon promos available?

Instacart promo codes are usually available during seasonal events as well – like Christmas or Back to School deals or 4th of July, etc.

instacart promos and coupons page

The following image is an example of what some of the savings Instacart offers.

Instacart products prices and sales
View Instacart current sales in your store

How to tell if you’re buying an EBT eligible product?

Per Instacart, these is how you can verify EBT eligibility:

There are a few ways for you to see which items are EBT SNAP eligible on Instacart:
You can allow EBT SNAP-eligible items to display when you shop in-app. To enable this setting—
Click or tap Account
Select your Account Settings
Select SNAP EBT info
Tap the slider to turn on Show EBT eligibility by item
2) When searching for items in-app you can add a filter by tapping Explore > EBT Eligibility and selecting Only EBT-eligible items to see only EBT-eligible items. If you are browsing items from a Store’s homepage, tap or click on a specific item to see if it is EBT SNAP eligible. If it is eligible, it will say EBT above the price of the item.
3) You can confirm which items are EBT SNAP eligible in your cart before checking out. It will say EBT under the name of each item that qualifies.

per instacart

Unadvertised Instacart coupon codes

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Happy savings, TaLis

Start Here » Deals » Instacart Savings for EBT SNAP Holders
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