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Instacart Side Gig Canada Now in Quebec

For my Quebecer or Quebecker friends looking for a money making side gig, Instacart Shopper jobs are now available in your area.

Instacart is a nice side gig who offers flexible, seasonal, entry level, weekend, weekday, after school, temporary, full-time or part-time work opportunity. It is a grocery shopping service that exploded into expansion during difficult times due to the COVID pandemic.

Instacart Quebec

In the US, Instacart shopper jobs are pretty much saturated and the job opportunity is available in select cities. However, as Instacart continues to expand, Instacart shoppers are in demand. Specifically, it has expanded to the following regions

Also, don’t forget the current Quebec regions below that are hiring too!:

Who Can Apply

Anyone at least 18 years of age with legal authorization to work in the CA and able to lift up to 25 kg or 40lbs without accommodation can apply. You also need to have a driver’s license and a reliable car. Instacart shoppers must have a smartphone to use the Instacart Shopper app. For obvious reasons, you must also pass a background check.

Apply to become either an Instacart Full-service Shopper or In-Store Instacart Shopper. The difference is Full-service shoppers receive shopper’s orders through an app on their smartphone, then shop and deliver groceries to the customer’s door. In-store shoppers receive these orders through an app on their smartphone and then shop and stage the groceries in-store.

To sign up simply create an account at shoppers.instacart.ca. and then download the Shopper app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Complete the sign up process and get your background check started. When your background check has cleared and you’re approved to shop, you can sign on to shop and make money on your own schedule.

Extra money for Christmas. Part time or full time work on your schedule.

Hope this job lead helps you earn extra money.

Happy savings, TaLis

Home » Instacart Side Gig Canada Now in Quebec
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