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Ibotta – Read This Before You Download

Lots of people download ibotta and end up having issues with ibotta. Problems using ibotta range from not being able to withdraw cash, missing out on bonuses or worse – your ibotta account gets deactivated or locked! Generally people download ibotta and start using it right away. While Ibotta is a simple, and easy app to use, there are several things you should know about ibotta before you download in order to avoid problems. 

Ibotta is a great money making app. It is defined by users in different ways: as a cash back app, a grocery app, a coupon app, a rebate app, and it is considered one of the best cash back app because no matter what you buy, you save money. What you should know about ibotta before you download the app – quick users guide:

How to Use Ibotta Quick Guide

  1. Browse products in the store you plan to shop at and add this to your list by answering a question or watching a video.
  2. Go Shopping.
  3. Redeem the offer on your list by snapping a picture of your receipt & UPC barcode of the product you purchase.

That’s it. Once you have $20 you are eligible to withdraw your cash via Paypal, Venmo or gift cards. These are the basic steps how to use ibotta though. You can read the complete ibotta tutorial for more details and maximize your savings. There are several ways to use ibotta to save or make money, but if you’re just starting out, or wondering why you should use ibotta, know about the issues and questions new users have. If you know what they are, you can avoid these pitfalls and instead watch your earnings grow.

Common Issues with Ibotta

Ibotta will deactivate your account if you view or use your account on the same cellphone as someone who also has ibotta. Only one account per person, per phone number is allowed. So if you want to check your ibotta account using someone else’s phone, be very careful. Ibotta’s system will flag you as someone with multiple accounts and deactivate your account and you won’t be able to withdraw your cash. If your account does get deactivated or locked, don’t panic. There are a few things you can try to unlock your account. If you stick with using just your cell, you won’t have this problem.

You will miss out on your download bonus. Ibotta usually gives new users a cash bonus for trying out the app. Usually it is $10. However, a lot of people miss out on getting the bonus because they don’t know how to get ibotta download bonus. New users get the bonus for trying out ibotta, which means you have to do a transaction. Most people are unaware that not only do they have to make a transaction, there is also a time limit to do so. Once you download ibotta and register, you have 7 days to redeem your first offer. If you take longer, you won’t get your bonus. When you download ibotta, redeem an offer soon after and get extra cash quick.

Other Apps that work with Ibotta:

Savingstar, Fetch Rewards, Checkout 51, Shopkick

Not all rebates qualify for a bonus: Certain offers are excluded from redeeming the download bonus as well as other special bonus and monthly level cash rebates. Purchases made from ‘any brand‘ products and ‘any stores‘ categories usually don’t count towards earning extra the cash. Always read the fine print at the bottom of every offer to make sure you are making the correct transaction to earn. You can also verify that the product you are buying qualifies for the offer by scanning the UPC barcode in the product. Simply remember to redeem a brand name product and you won’t have issues.

Your rebate will get rejected. An offer must first be in your offer list before you upload a receipt and redeem. Sometimes I shop first, but before I upload my receipts, I scan ibotta for any extra offers that may have been recently added that I can redeem. However, I do this immediately after shopping, so the transaction dates are the same for ibotta and the receipt. For example, I won’t get credit for an offer added on Tuesday, if the rebate I am redeeming was purchased on Monday. Learn how to set up a store rebate list first, so that when you redeem an offer, it doesn’t get rejected. If you upload your receipt as soon as you’re able to, you can avoid this issue.

Not everyone gets the same offers. Even people in the same household with ibotta accounts may get different offers. The amount of cash back and offers vary based on your spending habit and overall use. Avoid losing money by doing money making transactions you hear from the grapevine. Check your app first and you shouldn’t have a problem.

Ibotta will hold your cash. Depending on the amount of cash you are withdrawing, or how long you have been using the app, ibotta will lock your account until they verify the purchase and ensure that it is indeed your account. The time locked varies. Sometimes its 24 hours, sometimes a few days. I always recommend to withdraw your cash as soon as you have the minimum amount to withdraw – $20. There are 3 ways to withdraw your cash. Accumulating cash in the app doesn’t earn interest or earn extra cash. As of today, you can’t use your ibotta earnings to pay with ibotta (though that may change). So unless you’re saving to redeem for a gift card with a big figure, it makes sense to withdraw your cash as soon as possible. Also, if you are a new user, be careful using the app to make a huge purchases. I’ve seen new users comment that their account was deactivated after purchasing hundreds of dollars through ibotta mobile shopping. One can easily spend hundreds of dollars shopping for clothes at any retailer. Before doing this, consider establishing credibility within the app first. In other words, make reasonable transactions, and withdraw your money as soon as you have the minimum. Huge transactions in any app always raise a red flag. In a way, knowing that ibotta will hold your cash to verify ownership is better than finding out that ibotta gave your cash to someone posing as you.

You’re not ‘social‘. In order to maximize your savings using ibotta you need to be social! Eventually after exploring the app, users come across teamwork. Teamwork allows people using ibotta to pull together and earn extra cash. In order to do this you need to connect your account to Facebook and add friends. There are several ways to find friends and expand your team. (You can join my team, just send me a Facebook friend request). Learn how to set up teamwork and start using it right away after downloading the app to start earning extra cash.

Download Ibotta for Android or IOS

Now that you know the issues with ibotta app and know what to expect, you are ready to download app. Don’t loose money. This is a great app that is constantly adding new reasons and ways to save money. To maximize your savings using ibotta I recommend reading the ultimate video guide to saving money with ibotta, which includes new features ibotta adds to the app to make money.

Happy savings, TaLis

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