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One day after grocery shopping I was unpleasantly surprised at how much money I was spending on groceries.  I decided to change this, and set out to find ways to save money.  There are a ton of ways to save and I successfully brought down my overall expenses. 
It was great, I saved money, but then I realized that while I was saving money, I was also using a lot of my time in the process. If you use coupons, shopping apps or other tools to save money when shopping for grocery or clothes, then you know what I mean! I takes a lot of time to prepare for a money saving shopping trip. What good was it to save money if I didn't have the time to do the things I enjoy? So I decided to focus on having a better quality of life while still saving money.  
I now have more time to enjoy the things I like, and have the money to do it. It is an ongoing learning process. As I set out to become more efficient at saving time while saving money, I decided to share these techniques with others. This is how this blog started.  I blog about tools, techniques and tips  about how I save. 
I hope you find this blog useful, and helps you save too.  If you have techniques that work for you, please share! I am always looking for more ways to save too. 

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