Affiliate Disclaimer

Over time, I have tried a lot of products, shop at different merchants, and join rewards program, and use credit card's perks and benefits to save money.   Since SavingWithTaLis.com  is dedicated to sharing my techniques and ideas for saving and having a better quality of life, I write about the merchants, rewards programs, credit cards and other ways I use to save money.  

I figure that since this is free advertisement for merchants, why not try to earn a bit of a commission? So I decided to partner with Affiliate Marketing Programs. As such, my website contains affiliate links in some of the posts I write, which means that if you click through on some links, and make a purchase, I may earn a commission. 

If you make a purchase using one of my links - thank you for supporting my website. 

Privacy Statment

I do not collect any private information about any reader.  Neither do I share any information about my readers on my website.

Happy savings, 

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