Pay with Ibotta App: How it Works

Ibotta is an awesome app that gives you cash back on your every day purchases. They started out by giving cash back when you purchase groceries. Over time, they’ve expanded their program to give users cash back on just about anything. Going on a trip? Use the ibotta app to get cash back when you book hotels, flights, car rental and so on. Shopping online for clothes? Earn cash back using the app too! And now, you can get cash back when you buy gift cards. How this feature works is really simple. (Note: If you don’t already have ibotta, you can try it out and get a $10 bonus. It is available to download for iPhone and Android phones.)

Ibotta app added a feature that lets you pay for your purchase using the app called Pay with ibotta.  At first I thought this meant that you could use your ibotta earnings to pay for your purchase. This is not the case, however. The pay with ibotta app feature refers to buying gift cards from retailers through the app. When you do, you’ll get a percentage back on the total amount of the gift card. Typically, when you buy gift cards from a retailer you don’t get cash back. Even popular shopping portals like TopCashback or Ebates don’t offer cash back for gift cards. This feature in the ibotta app is just another innovative way that makes  ibotta app stand out from other apps. 

How Pay with Ibotta Works:

In order to use the new pay with ibotta feature, you first need to link a credit card to the ibotta app. You can either link a debit or a credit card. I suggest that you use a card that has a rewards program. Citibank and Capital One offer a nice price protection program in addition to other perks. 

Once you have linked a credit card to the ibotta app, you click on the ‘pay with ibotta’ link, and choose a merchant you want to buy a gift card from. You enter the amount you wish to buy, and submit. The app processes the gift card purchase immediately, giving you a scanning upc bar just like in a physical gift card. To view your gift card, simply go to ‘Account’ and then click on ‘Payments’. There you can see your transactions and edit your credit card information. 

Instant Savings 

Each merchant listed offers a different amount of cash back when you buy their gift card. The best thing about this feature is that savings are instantly added to your account. No more waiting for receipts to process! 

Double Your Savings

You earn cash back when you purchase a gift card through the app. Apart from earning cash back for buying gift cards from select merchants, you can also earn cash back for shopping online through the ibotta app. You can double your savings by using ibotta app, and paying with the gift card you purchased from ibotta for that same merchant. All you have to do is purchase from a retailer that are in both ‘Pay with ibotta’ and ‘online shopping’. 

I purchased a $10 gift card from Home Depot, which paid 3% cash back. Then, I clicked ‘shop online‘ in the app, chose Home Depot and added the product I wanted to the cart. At checkout I chose to pay with the gift card I had purchased. Prior to shopping online, make sure you click on the ‘copy card icon’ next to the gift card numbers. This will copy all the numbers of the gift card which are not all visible in the app. 

You can redeem your gift card not only on ibotta however. You can use it to pay in store, or use it when shopping online through a shopping portal like ebates, TopCashback or Mr Rebates, which typically have a higher cash back payout than ibotta. 

Bonus Tip

You know how at the very last minute you need to make a purchase to complete a bonus? The pay with ibotta app feature comes to the rescue! Because savings are instantly added to your account, just purchase a gift card on the app to complete a bonus.

As a reminder, always check the app for rebates. Not everyone gets the same offers in ibotta. If your gift card does not cover the full payment of your transaction, you can still add another form of payment at checkout. You can also buy another gift card through ibotta, or use a gift card from another app to minimize your total out of pocket expense. There is no limit on how many times you can purchase a gift card.

You can view this video to see how this feature works.
Pay with Ibotta App
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