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Free Beans & Sparks Personalized Book – Just Pay Shipping

Cute personalized children’s book free from Beans & Sparks – just pay $3.99 shipping & handling.

Beans & Sparks personalized stories feature your child as the main character. Each book comes with a personalized message that will allow your child to carry the story’s lessons into real life, enhancing their growth journey.

There are also activities and challenges to take part in, that inspire your child’s unique creativity, imagination and self-expression.

custom options for beans and sparks personalized children books

The Beans & Sparks book subscription is structured using the EASY framework – Emotions, Adventure, Science and creativitY. Use reading to build the foundations to spark indoor and outdoor learning .

Latest Beans & Sparks Book

Can Dinosaurs Play Tennis? is a rip-roaring adventure from the beans&sparks collection that shows little readers how much fun learning a sport or activity can be. Our hero will save the day when three rather clueless and clumsy dinosaurs show up at the local tennis court in need of some guidance.

When young children can be active, and interactive, they develop their co-ordination and essential motor skills.

The star of this story encourages their dinosaur teammates, helping them to learn new skills and showing them that while practice makes perfect, it’s taking part that really counts.

How Beans & Sparks Works

When you choose to stay subscribed you’ll receive a new personalized book every month for only $19.99 (free shipping).

A new personalized book is sent out every month for only $19.99 with free shipping.

Add another child HALF PRICE, only $9.99 (free shipping)

Previous Books

The previous Beans & Sparks book was a heart-warming book titled The BIG Splash. A charming story about having the confidence to meet new people and make new friends.

Personal, social and emotional development is important for children of this age and friendships during early childhood are a vital part of emotional growth while promoting good mental health.

As you read together, your child will learn that the best way to make new friends is to smile and be themselves. By thinking positive thoughts children will naturally feel more happy and self-confident when meeting and mingling with others.

Another book, The Cricket Trills, Chirp! Chirp! is a delightful rhyming tale that introduces the sounds of nature as we meet different animals and learn about the fascinating noises they make.

Perfect as the weather warms up and kids can enjoy the outdoors, this story from the beans&sparks collection encourages children to explore, observe and talk about the many sounds of the jungle. The verbal expression of these new and interesting noises encourages early language development. The playful rhyming style of the story helps children to learn about forming and pairing different words and sounds.

A Yummy, Scrummy, Arty Party” a crazy tale of colour and creative celebration! The story explores the use of different materials to create art in new and experimental ways.

Painting and drawing using a wide range of styles gives young children the opportunity to share their thoughts, ideas and feelings. Little readers and their parents will discover different combinations of tastes and colours as they connect with the story and try out their own ideas.

Its important to foster a lifelong love of books early on before kids discover the world of video games, (which by the way, there are video games that boost academic learning). Try the Beans & Sparks personalized book free to do the trick and save money too.

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