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$50 Piñata sign up Bonus for Renters

Here’s a program exclusive for renters – get rewards for paying rent. Plus, get $30 gift card just trying it out. And $20 Piñata cash.

Piñata is a rent rewards software exclusive for renters to get rewarded when paying rent and is free.

Piñata app is also a cash back app that gives renters exclusive deals and discounts to save money on everyday expenses that include retailers like CVS and Costco, Sprint, Papa John’s and even Disney World. This works buy giving users cash back who shop through the app. A portion of what you pay is returned to you.

According to Piñata, renters save an average of $4,000 yearly. Additionally, renters also get cash back on special deals from brands using the app.

An easy $30 gift card for just downloading and trying Piñata app, which is available from App Store for iPhone.

When trying out Piñata new users also get $20 Pinata Cash. This is Pinata’s rewards program. Collect them and redeem them for gift cards or for exclusive rewards such as, fitness experiences, gift cards.

Since you gotta pay rent, might as well get something out of it. Its free. Try Piñata.

Hope this helps you save money. Happy savings, TaLis

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