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Reading Eggs Review

As there are a lot of online learning platforms available for homeschool and student support, this article focuses on assessment & review of Reading Eggs learning program – What you need to know

Learning to read is more than just phonics and letters. Reading comprehension is the reading step that truly helps kiddos understand academics as they progress through graduation. This the focus of the program Reading Eggs, developed with the help of a team of teachers.

What is Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is an internet based literacy learning program for 2 to 13 year olds. The online program is built on the 5 essential elements of reading instruction: Phonemic awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension, further supporting what students learn in school as well.

The learning platform has over 500 highly interactive games and fun animations to engage kiddos in reading. However, while the kids are having fun learning, the program is focusing on core reading skills and strategies that students need to learn for reading achievement.

Components of Reading Eggs

Lessons are geared based on student’s age. The following image explains the different components of the program, and what that component focuses on:

reading eggs subscription includes access to other sites

Students make their way through the program´s self-paced, one-on-one lessons that match their ability. It features fun characters, songs and interactive animations to keep learners engaged.

Reading Eggs reviews

Parent reviews about the program are quite impressive. Parent satisfaction rating is 99.6%. Reviews on sites like Verified Reviews and other review sites are also pretty high as well. I found that most negative reviews related to electronics glitches, and most positive reviews cite parents who love the program. However, most reviews state the program really teaches kids. Additionally, Reading Eggs has won several awards, and is also adopted by several schools.

reading eggs reviews
Verified reviews
reading eggs review quotes from users

Subscription Cost

Subscription to Reading Eggs also gives access to Reading Eggspress, The Library and Math Seeds and Reading Eggs Junior learning programs. Mathseeds features 200 math lessons with exciting rewards, printable worksheets and other features. Geared to kids aged 3 to 9, Mathseeds is designed to be a fun‑filled learning adventure that teachs essential early numeracy skills in order to instill interest in math.

Reading Eggs has a monthly or 12 months subscription plans. The monthly subscription is $9.95, and $59 for a 12 months plan. A family monthly plan (2 to 4 children) plan is $14.95 and the 12 months is $89. The software is available to use on a desktop, IOS and Android devices.

In my opinion, although Reading Eggs has great reviews, every person’s experience with education programs is different. Most reviews say kids really enjoy using it. However, I always like to try things out first before commitment. Reading Eggs offers sample lessons and a free 30 day trial to assess it and see how your kiddo learns from it. Additionally, they also have discounts and coupons on their site, so check there also.

For parents looking for resources to build a strong educational foundation early on, I think the Reading Eggs educational platform is worth looking into using the free trial offer.

Happy savings, TaLis

learn to read online (ages 2-13)
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