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Reading Eggs Program Free for Teachers & Parents

Help students learn to read and develop critical comprehension skills with Reading Eggs for free for teachers. Sign up to 4 kids in one account. In addition, Reading Eggs is Free for parents and free for teachers. Get it free for one month.

Free 30-day trial which includes:
     * 10,000 songs, activities and games
     * 3,000 ebooks with quizzes
     * 892 reading and math lessons
     * 500+ printable worksheets
     * Full access to ALL 5 programs: Reading Eggs Junior, Reading Eggs, Fast Phonics , Reading Eggspress and Mathseeds
     * Add up to 4 children
    * Ad-free positive screen time

What is Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is a literacy learning program for kids ages 2 to 13 years old, students in grades 1 thougth 6th.

Reading Egg is an interactive supplement for youngsters who are learning to read. Because it includes an interactive video game that allows youngster to engage with various other kids while they learn, the program is a great resource for building reading and comprehension skills.

The online program is built on the 5 essential elements of reading instruction: Phonemic awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension, further supporting what students learn in school and homeschool programs.

Learning to read is more than just phonics and letters. Reading comprehension is the reading step that truly helps students understand academics as they progress through graduation. This the focus of the Reading Eggs education program.

Kids learn by choosing from over 500 highly interactive games and fun animations programs and over 2500 books to engage students in reading. However, while the kids are having fun reading, the program is focusing on core reading skills and strategies that students need to learn for reading achievement.

Even though there are lessons taught and the program follows an academic curriculum, students engage in games and competitions that make it exciting to continue using the program.

Reading Eggs gets students motivated to keep learn with rewards (golden eggs), and the ability to express themselves with a customizable avatar. The ability to connect with other Reading Eggs players makes it more fun to use. Most important, gaming is in a safe and controlled environment so adults don’t have to worry about the child’s safety playing online.

Many children with autism are visual learners. As such, the incredible library of images available in Reading Eggs helps parents and educators to use techniques such as repetition and the ability to select the child’s interests to keep them motivated and teach them to read. The Reading Eggspress library has thousands of images to choose from. Easily search Eggspress library by topic and genre to help you find books that meet your child’s interests.

Best of all, the library is visually intuitive making it easily navigated by younger children who are independent readers. All books under level 20 have read‑aloud audio which means that your child can be read to anywhere, anytime.

– Current best practice in pedagogical learn‑to‑read research supports short, phonics‑based instructional sessions –

Reading Eggs explicitly and systematically teaches letters and sounds to build letter recognition and alphabet knowledge. Each letter/sound correspondence is explicitly taught and every lesson can be regularly repeated.

By bringing together explicit, systematic teaching with interactive, engaging activities, Reading Eggs is able to deliver a program that helps unlock reading for children

Components of Reading Eggs Program

Reading Eggs has 5 components, with each component focusing on specific learning skills that students should know at their age level. Lessons are based on the student’s age.

Students make their way through the program´s self-paced, one-on-one lessons that match their ability. It features fun characters, songs and interactive animations to keep learners engaged.

What Kids Learn

Reading Eggs Junior program is created specifically for early learners (ages 2-4) that can learn through a series of videos and books.

Mathseeds features 200 math lessons with cool rewards, printable worksheets and other features. Geared to kids aged 3 to 9, Mathseeds is designed with fun‑filled learning activities and quests that teach essential early numeracy skills in order to instill interest in math and how to understand math problems effectively.

We often don’t think of reading as a key component needed to understand mathematical problems. However, learning how to interpret word problems is something students tend to struggle with. If the foundation for reading is not there, its difficult to attain critical thinking to understand math and other higher reading content.

In addition to the 5 components of the Reading Eggs shown above, Reading Eggs Junior, Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress, Mathseeds, you also have access to Reading Express Community. The Reading Eggspress component is different from Reading Eggs, as it is intended to expose students to a new set of literacy skills, including reading comprehension strategies.

It has its own set of rewards, games and competitions. It makes sense that it is different from Reading Eggs, as the program has to appeal to a more critical crowd -Tweens.

The Reading Eggspress Community is geared for older children (7-13) to encourage fluent reading via the more than 2,500 books in the e-library and the ability to compete with children around the world.


Reviews on sites like Verified Reviews and others review sites are favorable. I found that most negative reviews related to electronics glitches, and most positive reviews cite parents who love the program. However, most reviews state the program really teaches kids.

reading eggs reviews
Verified reviews

Will your child like Reading eggs? Although most reviews say kids really enjoy using it, your best bet is to try the program out. Reading Eggs offers sample lessons and a free 30 day trial to assess it. During this time observe your child and see how your kiddo learns from it, but most important, if they like it. Additionally, they also have discounts and coupons on their site, so browse the site for specials.

Subscription Cost

Reading Eggs has monthly or 12 months subscription plans. The monthly subscription is $9.95, and $59 for a 12 months plan. A family monthly plan (2 to 4 children) plan is $14.95 and the 12 months is $89. The software is available to use on a desktop, IOS and Android devices.

Other Learning Programs: ABCmouse or Adventure Academy Just $45

Free Reading eggs

Education starts with the children. Reading Eggs Gameplay. kw8. Reading Eggs Gameplay When you teach kids to read, it can be rather the task. Especially if your child is not interested in reading.

The Reading Eggs program is free for parents and free for teachers for 30 days. No code required, and you can cancel any time.

For parents looking for resources to build a strong educational foundation early on, the Reading Eggs educational platform is worth looking into. Using the free trial offer gives parents the opportunity to see if its worth getting.

Happy savings, TaLis

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