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Reset Your Savings Balance -Bootcamp Challenge

Reset your savings, join the YNAB bootcamp challenge and challenge community to keep motivated

After all the spending during the holidays, some of us need to reset our savings. Joining a finance bootcamp challenge community can keep the savings momentum going, and along the way find support from others who joined the challenge too. At the end, not only is it satisfying that you accomplished a financial goal, but you get bragging rights.

Free Savings bootcamp challenge

YNAB is kicking off a 34 day reset your savings challenge this month. Join any time, and choose how much money you want to save. Best of all – YNAB is free for 34 days.

YNAB or You Need A Budget – is a budget app with the focus on teaching users how to spend wisely while adjusting to financial changes. Available for Android and Apple devices, the platform has been around since 2013 and takes the approach of a being hands on your money mentality, rather than a ‘set it and forget’ to watch your savings grow.

Once you sign up, you’ll get an email confirmation with your 34-Day Challenge Workbook along with an invite to join the challenge community, which officially kicks off on Tuesday, January 5.

In addition, during the savings bootcamp challenge you’ll learn YNAB’s 4 rules for budgeting, learn to manage your finances and de-stress about money in the long run.

Along the way, YNAB workshops helps you tweak your financial barriers to saving money, like ‘overspending’ for example. Several workshops, videos and other tips are offered to be smarter about money.

YNAB offers several workshops to tackle different aspects of financial controls, available with several time slots to choose from. Take a look at this screenshot of a workshop that’s perfect for controlling a runaway budget. (check for current times here)

Like everything else I try, I always check out reviews and ratings. Here’s a screenshot from the app store, showing that it is highly rated, with most people stating that they’ve used it for years.

Ready for a savings bootcamp challenge?


YNAB challenge is free to sign up. After 34 days, average participant saves $1,000. After the free trial, YNAP costs $11.99/month or make a one time payment of $84 for 12 months and save $59. You can cancel any time.

Unless you’re a college student – get YNAB free.

Free for College students

Sign up for the free trial and then email a copy of your student ID card, transcript or tuition statement.

This challenge is a great opportunity to reset your savings while getting support and motivation to achieve your savings goal.

Happy savings, TaLis

savings bootcamp challenge piggy bank with coins tossed
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