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Save $0.50 on Gas/Gallon at PB or Amoco

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Save $0.50 per gallon of gasoline at BP or Amoco stations by simply downloading the BPme app. Easy fuel savings plus contactless pay at the pump. Keep safe while the pandemic is still affecting our lives.

Download BPme app and use promo code OFFER to receive one-time introductory discount of $.50/gallon on your next fuel up after you complete your first in-app transaction of $10 or more.

Note: If you’re using a desktop just click on the “EMAIL OFFER TO MOBILE DEVICE” and an email will pop up with a link to the app.

BPme app download email offer of download to device

The BPme app introduces a contactless way to pay for gas and earn rewards fueling up at BP and Amoco stations.

How to Contactless Pay at the Pump

Pay with BPme app

  1. Download BPme app

    enter name and choose a password

  2. Secure app details

    Choose security questions and set answers
    Choose a pin number to access app

  3. Link payment method

    Scan or enter credit card details (Choose a credit card with a great rewards program).
    You can also connect PayPal

  4. At the gas station open the BPme app

    Confirm gas station location
    Enter pump number
    Choose payment method

  5. Wait for app to connect to pump

    leave your phone in the car while you

Gas pump connected to pay at pump app

Fuel up and done!

Payment for fuel is processed through BPme app. No need to go inside and pay or get your credit card.

Additionally, register for BPme Rewards and start saving 5 cents on every gallon. If you have the BP credit card, rewards can also be combined to keep rolling the savings.

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