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Save $0.50 on Gas/Gallon at BP Gas Stations

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Gas prices are once again going up and I am on the hunt for savings. Here’s one way to Save $0.50 per gallon of gasoline.

BP and Amoco gas stations have an introductory offer to get a fifty cent discount at the pump when you download the app and pay for at least $10 gas fuel through the app. Usually a gas tank fill-up is more than ten dollars anyway. The fifty cent discount offer is mailed to you after you download and register.

How to get the $0.50 discount and ongoing savings

This deal is available by using promo code OFFER when registering your info. Then register for BPme Rewards account and link to the app to get ongoing discounts at the pump.

Download BPme app and use promo code OFFER to receive one-time introductory discount of $.50/gallon on your next fuel up after you complete your first in-app transaction of $10 or more.

Pay with BPme app

  1. Download BPme app with this link

    Enter code OFFER and continue with name and choose a password details.
    NOTE: If you’re using a desktop just click on the “EMAIL OFFER TO MOBILE DEVICE” and an email will pop up with a link to the app. Just click the weird looking link (its an affiliate link) which will pop-up your email account to forward the app download to your phone with the offer info embedded. It will look like this:
    BP app download mobile or website download link

  2. Secure app details

    Choose security questions and set answers
    Choose a pin number to access app

  3. Link payment method

    Link a credit card to pay for gas. I recommend choosing a credit card with a great rewards program to maximize your savings.
    You can also connect PayPal to your account to pay and avoid using a credit card and keeping your financial information secured.

  4. At the gas station open the BPme app

    Confirm gas station location
    Enter pump number
    Choose payment method

  5. Wait for app to connect to pump

    leave your phone in the car while you fill up tank. It looks like this: pay with phone Bp Me app at gas station

Fuel up and done

Another benefit of using the Bp Me is a way for contactless pay at the pump.

The BPme app introduces a contactless way to pay for gas at BP and Amoco stations. Payment for fuel is processed through BPme app and automatically charges your credit card. No need to go inside and pay or insert your credit card at the pump. Receipts go straight to the app too. For budgeting purposes, the app helps keep track of your overall gas expenses.

Maximize your savings by registering with BPme Rewards

After the intro fifty cent per gallon offer, continue saving 5 cents on every gallon. In order to qualify you must spend $100 per month on gas at BP stations. The BPme rewards program is free to use. To double earnings, if you have the BP credit card rewards can also be combined to keep rolling the savings.

BPme Price Match

Gasoline price match is an additional subscription signup option. For $0.99 per month the app will compare nearby gas station prices and give you the lowest price.

Is BPme worth it?

Well, I always look at reviews to see the ratings. As of the writing of this post, the BPme app has been downloaded over 1 million times in the Playstore, and has an awesome 4.4 star rating. Can’t please everyone, and as a consumer I automatically go to the worst rating to see why.

BPme rewards app reviews on Google play store

I found that most complains are about an IT glitch. If you’re a cash back app user like me, you know this is a standard issue across any app. I next look for customer service reviews of BPme. If I have an issue, I want it solved. The Playstore has an option to view ratings based on keywords such as rewards and customer service. Choosing customer service I see that it is so-so. However, the app is highly rated and has great reviews.

Is it worth it? Well, if BP or Amoco are in your area, since it doesn’t cost anything to try, its worth downloading and seeing what it does for your finances. Only you can decide if its worth it. I just share ways to save.

Happy savings,


Note: If you’re using a desktop just click on the “EMAIL OFFER TO MOBILE DEVICE” and an email will pop up with a link to the app. Just click the weird looking link (an affiliate link) which will pop-up your email where

BPme app download email offer of download to device

Fill up your wallet when you fill up your tank. Earn up to 25¢/gallon cash back whenever you fill up with the free GetUpside app. Available at all the big brand stations.

Receive printable Coupon for Conventional Oil Change & Tire Rotation for only $24.99 plus disposal fee at MIDAS. (Prices and fees in Hawaii/Alaska are $49.99).

Happy savings, TaLis

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