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Shipt 50% Off Membership Holiday Discount

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From Black Friday through the holiday season save 50% off a Shipt membership. Good deal to help stay healthy when shopping. No code needed. Sign up on the Shipt promo page. Great gift for you or someone else during COVID times.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, a resource to shift to contactless shopping is the Shipt grocery and household essentials delivery service. An alternative for people who don’t want to risk exposure, especially at a time when the number of people that get infected on a daily basis is shocking.

Shipt Membership Gift

Shipt membership gift is also 50% off. Simply sign up on the Shipt gift promo page to get it.

Shipt is the popular grocery delivery service that made headlines when it was bought by Target. Since starting in 2012, the company has branched out to partner with over 150 stores to make shopping convenient. Though most of their partners are supermarkets, they also partner with retailers like Costco, Sur La Table, CVS and of course, Target.

Shipt delivers more than groceries though. If the store you’re shopping at sells more than groceries, those can be added to your cart and delivered. Shipt also delivers alcohol.

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Grocery delivery is a useful service that comes in handy in several situations, such as when you’re sick, in a rush, or simply don’t feel like going grocery shopping. Whatever you need gets delivered to your door, and they claim it takes about an hour to receive it.

Shipt Membership cost

Shipt annual membership costs $99 per year. With the promotion its only $45. Payment options are either annually or monthly.

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