Target RedCard Review: How Does It Save You Money?

Savvy consumers know that credit cards have benefits. But just because a credit card offers benefits doesn’t mean it is worth having. Even if the store you regularly shop at offers a credit card, looking closer at what its benefits for you as a consumer are should be the determining factor to add it to your wallet. Whether you are an occasional or a regular Target shopper, you probably have been asked if you want to apply for one. Perhaps you already have one. However, does the Target REDcard  offer enough benefits that make it worthy of your wallet?

Let’s review its benefits:

  • REDcard Exclusive products:  Just like daily deals, Target offers certain products that can only be purchased with a REDcard. To find the latest REDcard exclusive visit THIS page.
  • Save an extra 5%:  REDcard, shoppers save 5% on their purchase at Target &  I see it as a way to save on the tax charged on the purchase. For example, if the tax rate in your state is 8%, you end up paying 3% tax on your purchase. 
  • Early access to special events like Black Friday, products & promotions
  • Free 2-day shipping on hundreds of thousands of items at
  • Extended returns: 30 extra days for returns Target or
  • Extra Savings on Baby Subscriptions: A total of 15% off + free shipping on select diapers, wipes & formula subscription orders
  • Save 5% on everyday essentials delivered on your schedule when you subscribe, plus you save another 5% when you use your REDcard.
  • Stack with other Target Savings: your 5% REDcard™ savings with Cartwheel: Use Cartwheel to save 5-50% on hundreds of items in stores & save an extra 5% when you pay with your REDcard.
  • Get a 10% off coupon: On your anniversary, you’ll receive a 10% coupon to use in store. This coupon arrives via email if you are signed up for Target marketing emails.
  • Save on Starbucks: Save 5% when you use your REDcard at any in-store Starbucks location. 
  • Customized Savings: Reading the fine print, you’ll see that not everyone gets the same promotions or savings. Target offers exclusive extras based on your shopping history.
  • Target App Wallet: You can use Wallet in the Target app to link your credit card to pay. No need to pay with the physical card when you check out in store. 

There are two types of cards:

Debit card

  • Links to your existing checking account.
  • Cash withdrawal at checkout up to $40.
  • View transactions & manage your PIN online at
  • You must be at least 16 years old 
  • No late fees
  • No interest fees
  • No annual fees

The debit card is linked to your checking account. Whenever you use it, the money is directly taken from your checking account to pay for your purchase. This option is great for consumers who don’t want to have an monthly payment. Having the debit card also keeps you from overspending, and helps you control your finances better because if the money is not in your checking account, you can’t buy it. Is this option better for you? You can find more details and apply here.

Credit card

  • Charge your Target purchases in-store & at
  • Receive a monthly bill.
  • Check balance, make payments & review statements at online
  • exclusive extras, including special items, offers & 10% off coupon on your REDcard anniversary
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  •  No annual fee
  • Can only be used at Target
  • Current APR: 24.90%
  • If you are late making a payment, a $38 fee will be added to your account. How does this compare with other credit cards in your wallet?
  • Minimum interest charge $1 
  • Returned payment fee: $27

If you are able to pay off the full balance of your monthly statement, the credit card may be a better option because it is not attached to your checking account. If there is a data breach again with anything relating to Target, your personal banking information is not affected. However, like every credit card, if you carry a balance, you end up paying more money. Paying the balance in full is the way to use any credit. The credit card is a better option for the consumer who follows a budget, and has better control of their spending habits.  Does this describe you? You can find more details and apply here

Overall, the Target REDcard is a card that helps saves money. It is also nice to have the option  to choose between a debit and a credit card, and still get the same perks. Unlike other credit cards that give you a discount when you sign up, this one gives you ongoing discounts that you can stack up with other Target savings. Even for the occasional shopper, I think having a RedCard is a plus in my wallet.

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