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Pay with Ibotta & Fetch Pay – Cash Back When Buying Gift Cards

Now you can you buy gift cards and get cash back with ibotta and fetch reward apps. Use them to pay for every day things online and in store.

Gift cards are a favorite method for gifting. They’re easy to get and great for using as a gift when wondering what to gift someone. However, ever thought of buying gift cards for yourself and use them to pay for your own things? I do this all the time to help me stay within budget.

However, there is a new way to buy gift cards and put extra cash in the wallet too: Get cash back when you buy gift cards using cashback apps. Its like gifting yourself, except you also save. Cashback apps are enhancing the features of their apps and there are more ways for customers to earn cash back.

One such feature is paying with the app by buying gift cards. Both Fetch Rewards (referral code T0YVQ) & ibotta (referral code 7p8dfg) have this feature: Fetch Rewards has a feature called Pay with Fetch, and ibotta has a feature called Pay with Ibotta. Not to be confused with Walmart Pay however, because with Walmart Pay you don’t get cash back when you buy gift cards..

What is ibotta

Ibotta is a cashback app that has been around since 2012. They started out paying users for grocery purchases, and since, have evolved to give cash back on several categories like hotels, car rental and more. When you make a qualifying purchase at an ibotta partnered retailer, you upload the receipt to the app, and you get cash deposited to your account. There are several ways to earn cash back with ibotta. Recently, the popular ibotta app added a feature called pay with ibotta, which gives you cash back when you buy gift cards.

TIP: The ibotta app is available to download on iPhone and Android phones. For new users who want to try it out, you can get up to $20 welcome bonus.

Pay with ibotta

Once you download ibotta and register, you head over to the section “Pay with Ibotta”. To set up Pay with ibotta, first enter a debit or credit card, which is used for paying for the gift card. Then you click on the retailer for which you want to buy a gift card. Enter the amount of the gift card you want to buy and that’s it. The indicated cash back will be instantly credited to your account, ready for you to cash out.

When it was first introduced, there were about 30 retailers, but it quickly grew to include stores where you can pay ibotta for your groceries. Currently you can pay with ibotta at WalmartCVS, Whole Foods and several other stores, as well as through delivery services like Shipt.

What is Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is an app that rewards users when buying specific brands at any store. It is available to  ( referral code, T0YVQ). Different from ibotta, users get Fetch points for buying any product of the specified brand. In ibotta, users get cash back for purchasing the specified product. Fetch points have an equivalent cash back value. 1,000 Fetch points = $1. Fetch points can be redeemed for gift cards. Unfortunately, just like with ibotta, Fetch points cannot be redeemed to buy gift cards. 

How Fetch Pay Works:

On the Fetch Rewards app there is a feature called Fetch Pay, in which you can also get cash back when you buy gift cards. Like ibotta, you connect a credit or debit card to the app. However, all gift cards purchased through Fetch Pay have a minimum value starting at $10.00, and the maximum value you can purchase is $500.00. The amounts vary by store. Some cards may have set fixed amounts for purchasing, whereas others may be variable. For example, if you want to buy a PlayStation Store gift card, you can buy either a $10 or a $50 gift card. Before you purchase a gift card, read the fine print. In addition, the app will indicate if you need to print the gift card first in order to pay at the selected retailer. The image below shows an example.

Fetch Rewads Fetch Pay

Fetch pay can be used to pay online and in store. In addition to retailers, it can also be used to pay at restaurants and movie theaters.

The retailers where you can pay with the app in some cases are found in both ibotta and fetch, but not always. For example Dave & Buster’s & Forever 21 are found in ibotta but not in Fetch. You can buy a gift card for Rainforest Cafe, Apple App store &  Google Play with Fetch Pay. This is why having both apps is worth it.

Next time you head to the store to buy something, pay with the app for your shopping and get rewarded for it.  Most people carry their cellphone with them. Having the gift card in an app on the cellphone means it is easy to find, and always accessible to pay.  

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