This App Gives Cash Back When You Buy Gift Cards

Are there any popular cash back site that pays you back a percentage when you buy gift cards? Even popular cash back sites like Ebates or TopCashback don’t. However, this all changed! Now every body’s favorite method for gifting also puts money in your pocket! Cash back apps are enhancing the features of their apps to include cash back when you buy gift cards. So far, I am aware of two, and expect more to add this feature.

So far, I know of two apps that you can use to get cash back buying gift cards – Fetch Rewards & ibotta.

The ibotta app has been around since 2012. They started out paying users for grocery purchases, and since, have evolved to give cash back on several categories like hotels, car rental and more. Recently, the popular ibotta added a feature called pay with ibotta, which gives you cash back when you buy gift cards too!

How to get cash back on gift cards with ibotta

The ibotta app is available to download on iPhone and Android phones. TIP: For new users who want to try it out, there is a $10 welcome bonus. Once you download it and register, you head over to the section “Pay with Ibotta”. This will ask you to register a debit or credit card, which is used for paying for the gift card. Then you click on the retailer for which you want to buy a gift card. Enter the amount of the gift card you want to buy and that’s it. The indicated cash back will be instantly credited to your account. You can read this article for more details about how Pay with Ibotta Works.

The amount of cash back varies by retailer. For now, the app only offers cash back on gift cards from about 20 retailers and restaurants. I expect that as this feature becomes more popular with consumers, the list will expand. I hope it does, because using gift cards is also a great way to help you stay within budget.

How to Get Cash Back Using Fetch Pay

Fetch Rewards is an app that rewards you when buying specific brands at any store. It is available to download from the Apps Store & Google Play. On the Fetch Rewards app there is a feature called Fetch Pay, in which you can also get cash back when you buy gift cards. This feature is in the beta stage, and is available to certain users however. Like in ibotta, you connect a credit or debit card to the app. However, all gift cards purchased through Fetch Pay must have a minimum value of $25.00. The value of the card also may not exceed $200.00. Some cards may have set fixed amounts for purchasing, whereas others may be variable. Before purchase a gift card, read the fine print.

Why buy gift cards through an app

Since you are heading to a store to buy something, why not buy gift cards before your shopping trip and get rewarded for it? Most people carry their cellphone with them. Having the gift card in an app on your phone means it is easy to find, and always accessible.

Double your savings using gift cards. 

For people who are savvy shoppers, shopping through cash back sites is the ultimate savings because they get cash back from what they spend. How? Cash back sites pay you back a percent of what you spend online when you click through a merchant link on their site. Think of it as the cash back site being like a mall. When you enter that mall, inside is a Macy’s and other retailers. You head to a store, make a purchase and you earn a percentage back on what you spent. Basically, you get rewarded for shopping at that mall! Using a gift card you buy through ibotta or Fetch Rewards at that mall means you get cash back from that site & the app – you double your savings! Want to save even more?, read how to triple your savings.

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