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TopCashback Latest Sign Up Bonus 2024

Latest Sign up Bonus for new members

TopCashback is always having new signup bonus offers and deals for new members. The sign up bonus offer varies, and are available for either a few days to a few months. If you’re going to join TopCashback however, get a free and/or cash back freebie.

What is TopCashback latest bonus this month?

These are the latest 2023 TopCashback new member offers :

TopCashback webpage
TOPCASHBACK – $10 Cashback on anything you buy. Use this link if the free offer expired – you can still get your own free bonus!

Steps to get TopCashback and get a new member bonus

  1. Click the new offer listed above. TopCashback new signup bonus offers often overlap. If there is more than one, choose your favorite.
  2. This will direct you to TopCashback, where you enter your email and choose a password.
  3. Then head over to your email account and search for an email from TopCashback. Can´t find it? check your spam folder.
  4. Click the link ´Join Now´ within the email. This will direct you to the free offer details (what you get for free and the cash back info).
  5. Click the ¨Get Offer¨ button. This will direct you the site where you add the free offer item to you cart and head to checkout. Note that adding free store pick up saves you even more money by avoiding shipping charges.

That´s it! TopCashback will credit the bonus cash back as per the offer into your account.

How TopCashback Works

TopCashback is a shopping portal through which shoppers save money when shopping online – Say you want to shop at your favorite online store, but you do so by going through TopCashback webstore. The difference between shopping through TopCashback and going directly to that store’s website is that TopCashback will give you cash back on the amount you spent, so you earn a percentage of what you spent at that store. This is how using TopCashback saves money.

For example, TopCashback may offer 4% cashback when shopping online at Macy’s. You click on the Get cash back now link, and shop as normal on Macy’s website. TopCashback with give you 4% cash back of whatever amount you spent.

My Personal TopCashback Review

Typically, bonus offers are $10 cash back to spend at a store, or merchandise free after cash back. Sometimes, the amount of cash back may be more than $10. I’ve seen up to $30 cash back offered.

Free offers in the past have been laundry detergent, Rubbermaid storage sets, and many other cool merchandise FREE as signup bonus. Below is a collage I’ve put together of past free offers. When I signed up, I got a free DVD/BluRay/Digital movie worth $24.99 for free!

Does TopCashback save money?

There are several cashback websites, and frankly, they all save money. With TopCashback, I also have the option of cashing out with a gift card if I choose. Often there is an additional cash back offer for redeeming cash through a gift card. This is one of my techniques for saving money.

Conclusion: Yes! TopCashback does save money. One thing I find as a downside is the wait time to get cash back. I know it depends on the merchant verification, but this can take anywhere between a 14 days to a few weeks.

One of the things I like about TopCashback is that new members aren’t the only ones to get freebies. Once you open a new TopCashback account, be on the lookout for free offers for all members. These are offered randomly throughout the year. Be sure to subscribe so you can get an alert.

Check out the video How to Get TopCashback New or Existing Member Freebie Offer if you prefer how-to videos for an easy guide to score a freebie.

TopCashback frequently asked questions and things you should know:

Do you have to pay to use TopCashback?

Not at all! TopCashback is free to use. There are no fees to pay for membership or to withdraw your cash either.

How long does it take for cash back to show up on your account?

It can take anywhere between 14 days or more for the cash to be credited to your account. It varies based on the merchant.

How do you get your money back from TopCashback?

Once you complete the transaction, the merchant confirms your purchase and the cash is credited to your account.

How do you cashout from TopCashback?

This is the whole reason why people sign up – to get cash back and save money. That’s why I did anyway. You can withdraw your cash from TopCashback in 2 ways: choosing a gift card, or choosing cash. Sometimes there is an additional cash back bonus when you choose gift card as a pay out option, getting more bang for your buck (see picture). I prefer cash. If you do too, you have a choice of PayPal or directly to your bank

Savvy shoppers can easily triple savings using cash back deals. TopCashback is a great online mall to start saving. Don’t just open a new account and sign up. Get a new account member freebie offer too!

Happy savings, TaLis

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