Toys That Will Get Your Kids Outdoors and Away from the Screen

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I look for games that will get the kids away from the screen and playing outdoors.  This is a battle that a lot of parents face also. So I thought I’d share with you my list of toys that I will be using to peel the kids off the screen and get them outdoors.
Of course, there are sports to play outside – baseball, tennis, basketball, etc. But kids aren’t always up to playing these games. Specially when the weather hits 90 degrees or more. Biking, skating, skateboards, scooters give kids the freedom to roam for quite some time and distance. But depending on their age, they may need supervision and this may not always be an option.  I’m not always able to go biking, so the following are my alternatives:

Water Guns
Perfect toy for the summer.  I usually fill a large container or a kiddie pool with water so the kids can fill it up and they can chase one another outside.  This gets them running, and tired too. Its a great toy to take to the lake, river, pool or beach – even better because I save money on my water bill. This toy is not just for kids though. Adults can get in the action too.  I recommend reading the reviews when purchasing one. A higher price doesn’t always mean its a great water gun. Whether you are looking to buy a Super Soaker or small water shooter, it is outdoor fun for all. Getting a teen to play with a water gun is not so difficult, so this is a toy that crosses the ages.

Toy Guns
I also have toy guns for the kiddos.  For some reason, there is a Nerf craze going on. All my kid’s friends have some type of Blaster with tons darts, and vests and off they go like little army peeps running around.  The one drawback is that we go through darts like crazy. I also have laser toy guns. I got them because I didn’t want to continue buying darts. But the kids prefer the foam darts. Laser tag guns is an alternative to the foam darts however. But, just like water guns, this toy is for everyone.

Water Balloons
There are different kinds of water balloons. There is the Bunch O Balloons that you can connect to a water hose and instantly fill a bunch of them at once, or small ones that have to be individually filled with a pump. No matter what, this is always a lot of fun. I never hear anyone whining or complaining when I ask them to play with water balloons. This is always a favorite.


This is an easy one, and also cheap. One tub keeps kids occupied for quite some time and clean up is easy. Just hose it down and its ready for the next day.

Walkie Talkies Playing hide and seek, imaginary games like search and rescue is more fun with walkie talkies. They can use it outdoors or indoors as well. Pair these with
 Headlight Headbands and you have a winning combination! 
We also use them to go on twilight walks.  Everyone comes along with no complaints.

It doesn’t just have to be toys that keep kids busy outdoors though. Send them on a Scavenger Hunt. Kids can searchfor things throughout a designated area that can be as small as your back yard or as big as your neighborhood. The search can be anything, and there is no age limit to this game either.

This list will continue to evolve as new activities and toys are available. Be sure to sign up to get updates.

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