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Emotional Support Human for Pets Jobs

What is an emotional support human for pets? An emotional support human for pets is a person who provides your pet with the love and care they need while you’re not able to. Whether its because you are going on vacation and can’t take your pet, work a lot and your pet is home alone most of the day, or perhaps you’re sick. Your pet still needs love and support from a human being.

An emotional support human for pets is a fantastic side gig for anyone looking to get money.

How do you get started with a job as a human support for pets?

With so many people searching for pet lovers to care for our animals while on vacation, you’d think there would be tons of people available to fill the job, but it is not.

Why its hard to find an emotional human for pets

Trust & Safety

Would you let a stranger take care of your pet?

Trust is a big ticket when choosing a human to provide the emotional support your pet will need when you’re not there. You’re trusting someone to take over for you.

Safety is the number one concern when it comes to having someone care for our loved pets in the comfort of our home. Especially when we can’t just pick up and take your horse or pig pets somewhere else as easily as you would dogs or cats.

Whether its finding someone to stay in your home and care for your beloved pet, or come to your house to check-in or feed your furry friend,

or take your pet to their home to give them love while you’re gone is not easy.

Tackling the trust issue with pet sitter jobs

Pet owners can run an identity check on someone that’s interested in pet sitting.

Run A SSN Trace & Address History

However, if you want to get started as an emotional human support for pet service in you local area, you can run a social security search on yourself to present to pet owners who ask about your credentials.

These searches are FCRA-compliant. (“FCRA” is the abbreviation for the “Fair Credit Reporting Act”. This federal law was enacted in 1970 and is designed to protect consumers)

This credentials show you are a trust worthy individual

A connection.

Pet lovers provides the emotional human support for the pet while the owner is away.

dog sleeping and resting against a person who has their arm hugging the dog

The pet owner gets the benefit of travelling with peace of mind that their pets are not locked up in a kennel feeling abandoned and are being well fed and emotionally supported.

What’s nice about this side gig is that you have the final say in choosing to provide emotional human support for the pet at someone’s house or just do check-ins and daily feeding.

Worldwide, this is an amazing opportunity for those who don’t mind staying with the pet in their home.

Emotional Support Human for Pet jobs near me

Pet sitting homes are available all over the world. But jobs as emotional support human for pets are often searched for locally. Most of the time its word of mouth.

Go over the specifics of what the job entails before setting up the service.

2 people hiking with their dog going up hill on a path
Be sure to upload pictures of you and the activities you do as a trusted emotional support human for pets

Cons for humans

This all sounds great, but this gig is not for everyone though. As an emotional support human for pets who also house-sits, you’d have to be flexible with your schedule to a certain extent. You’d have to be emotionally supportive for the pet 24-7.

This is something that’s great for people who work remotely, or are retired, or have a part time job, or have a different mindset about staying someplace new.

If you don’t house sit and just provide emotional support for the pet, its a breeze though.

Your emotional support for the pet is easily provided by going on neighborhood walks or hikes.

Hope this helps you save money and care for your pet.

Happy savings, TaLis

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