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Trusted & Loved Vacation Pet Sitting Service (coupon)

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TrustedHousesitters is a pet sitting service used around the world. It works on a membership based service for both dog owners and pet sitters. AND pet sitters don’t get paid. The pet sitters do it because they truly care for pets. For pet owners, you’re ensured your pet is truly cared for without breaking your budget.

What is TrustedHouse Sitters?

TrustedHousesitters started out 10 years ago with the idea of finding a solution for pet owners who want to ensure their pets (and home) are more than just well taken care of when they go on vacation.

It’s also a dual service where pet lovers can search for a pet sitting home that’s safe. And in the process if you stay in the home while pet sitting, you have a clean, safe and trusted place where to stay.

No one has to stay in the home if you don’t want to. [Find more details here]

Pet sitting services are expensive. Whether it’s a person you hire or a pet sitting business, it definitely adds up to the vacation expenses. Add the option for the person to stay in your home, and it can be even more money.

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Trust & Safety

This is the number one concern when it comes to having someone care for our loved pets.

But the option to find a trusting person to stay in your home without compromising trust and safety, in addition to saving money can be daunting. That’s where is an affordable option to consider.

Trust is a big ticket when choosing a pet sitter and TrustedHousesitters has a hefty process to get a membership.

Every member is asked to complete free identity checks and results are uploaded to the person’s profile.

A sitter’s background is checked against National Criminal Records search. These have to come back clear from any county-level adverse policy violations found, clear from any sex offender registry in order to get a membership.

A SSN Trace & Address History is also completed. The person also has to be cleared for any Domestic & Global Terrorist Watchlists. These searches are FCRA-compliant. (“FCRA” is the abbreviation for the “Fair Credit Reporting Act”. This federal law was enacted in 1970 and is designed to protect consumers)

Before selecting a sitter or a place to pet-sit, you do as many video interviews as you need with the prospective sitter or pet owner. You also interview as many people as you need. And go over the specifics of what the job entails. AND you both agree before setting up the service.

You have the final say in choosing someone or a place you’re comfortable with. There is no commitment or limits.

All TrustedHousesitter users get reviewed after the job as well, so you get to see how trusting both parties were and how things turned out at the end of the sitting.

Additionally, Trusted HouseSitter pet sitter members don’t get paid to house sit, the pet sitter isn’t signing up for the money. They do it for the love of pets.

What’s the catch? No one gets paid for pet sit?

That’s right. Nobody gets paid. Trusted HouseSitters jobs are more than pet sitting. So pet sitters don’t really see it as ‘jobs’.

In essence, there is a benefit for the pet owner and the pet sitter and that’s why people sign up.

A connection.

The connection with a huge online lasting community of pet lovers worldwide, and the benefit of being with an emotional support pet. Actually, the pet sitter is being the emotional support for the pet while the owner is away.

dog sleeping and resting against a person who has their arm hugging the dog

The pet owner gets the benefit of travelling with peace of mind that their pets are not locked up in a kennel feeling abandoned and are being well fed with love. Pet owners even get to check in and video chat with their pet as well.

For many pet home sitters who also travel, there is the added benefit to stay at someone’s trusted house anywhere in the world if you choose to.

Worldwide, this is an amazing new trend in lifestyle changes though. A new way of how people are getting the experience of being part of a pet lover’s community worldwide and travel. Pet lovers get to enjoy and experience travelling while also meeting people with common interests.

This is thinking out of the box for sure.

Trusted HouseSitters keeps expanding, and today spans pet sitting listings worldwide.

Pet sitting near me?

Pet sitting homes are available all over the world. While it appears that the pet sitting opportunities can lend themselves to a vacation in another State or even another country, you don’t have to travel if you don’t want to. Search for a house pet sitting job near you instead.

TrustedHousesitters does not impose any rules on how many times a house needs to be listed, or how many sittings you have to sign up for. No need to take a sitting job someplace else if you don’t want to.

Additionally, there isn’t a limit as to how long you have to pet sit. Pet sit on your time for as little or as long as you want.


What do people stay about Trusted HouseSitters service? Especially since its a paid membership service and nobody gets paid money for pet sitting?

I was wondering why people would pay for a membership when so many pet sitting jobs pay money. However, TrustedHousesitters isn’t just a pet sitting job and its therefore not about the money.

But people still sign up for the membership though.

TrustedHousesitters is about ensuring that the people signing up to care for pets are in it for the love and care of pets. Dogs, cats, horses, birds, etc are cared for from the heart.

As the image from Trustpilot below shows, ratings are really good. People are happy about it. Especially pet owners who don’t want their beloved pet staying in a cage while they’re out enjoying their vacation.

Image credit TrustedHouseSitters via Trustpilot

I mean, a pet is a part of the family, but unlike a child, they can’t go everywhere with you. And its also expensive to take them travelling with you. So when they can’t come with you, its heartbreaking.

How TrustedHousesitters Work

The site works on a membership subscription platform where a person can sign up either to search for a pet/house sitting job or find someone to pet/house sit.

The annual membership enables home and pet owners to connect with sitters, and likewise, allow pet sitters to connect with homeowners.

There are three TrustedHousesitters memberships to choose from – Owner Membership, Sitter membership, and Combined membership.

As an owner member, the platform connects users with reviewed and verified sitters who won’t charge to take care of their pets and keep them happy, and your home is safe when you’re away.

A sitter membership allows users to explore and arrange unlimited sits with friendly animals, wherever you’d like.

A combined member is a combination of both — you can use the platform to experience house and pet sitting for yourself

Each membership has 3 tiersBasic, Standard & Premium

All 3 tiers have unlimited pet & home care from verified sitters at no extra cost, unlimited house sits as a sitter, free phone calls with vets when pet sitting and daily alerts for 3 saved searches.

Tiers Standard & Premium memberships include Background Checks, Home & Contents Protection and Money Back Guarantee.

The Standard membership includes Free video calls with vets, anytime you need, Dedicated member support, Boost your listing in search results and you get to see who saves your listing.

Premium is the top level membership, and includes all the above plus sit cancellation insurance, 2 global airport lounge passes and Premium badge on your listing & profile.

(complete details here).


All the memberships are billed annually, and in all there are a total of 6 memberships. The price is broken down as follows:

The basic owner or sitter costs $10.75/month ($129 billed annually).

The standard owner or sitter costs $14.10/month ($169 billed annually)

The premium owner or sitter costs $21.60/month ($259 billed annually)

The combined memberships tiers cost $15.75/month (basic $189, billed annually), $19.10/month (standard $229, billed annually), $26.60/month ($319, billed annually).

As I mentioned before, this appears to be a new trend for how people find care for their pets while away from home. But I was also surprised after researching more about the company, that some people do this full time.

Several members shared their experience and the beautiful houses that they get to stay in with TrustedHousesitters. In the image below these people took the dog out for a hike to a place with a breathtaking view.

2 people hiking with their dog going up hill on a path
Image credit: TrustedHouseSitters

Cons for sitters

This all sounds great, but this gig is not for everyone though. As a sitter who also house-sits, you’d have to be flexible with your schedule to a certain extent. This is something that’s great for people who work remotely, or are retired, or have a part time job, or have a different mindset about staying someplace new.

If you don’t house sit and just pet-sit, its a breeze though.

The sign up process is easy. Simply create a free TrustedHousesitter account, either download the TrustedHousesitters app or go to

No commitment, no payments upfront.

You can start browsing TrustedHousesitters immediately after sign up with no commitment to sign up for a membership. Browse homes to sit or search existing sitter listing. Or both.

Payment for a membership is only required if you decide to create a listing or apply for a pet sitting job.

(Use code THS10 to get $10 off TrustedHousesitters membership)

👉 Use code THS10 to save $10

Is TrustedHousesitters membership worth it?

Well, consider whether you have the time to pet sit, even for a weekend get-away. Or as a pet owner, consider how much it costs to have someone take care of your pet full time with the added benefit of an on-call vet service. I think its a good deal. You can Try TrustedHousesitters out and cancel if you change your mind anyway.

This service is much more cost effective and definitely better than other alternatives to home pet care, which tend to be pricey. TrustedHousesitters saves money. A win-win for pet lovers.

Hope this helps you save money and care for your pet.

Happy savings, TaLis

dog dressed up in Christmas attire listed in TrustedHousesitters pet job service and home listinsky

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