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Free 11×14 Canvas- Just Pay Shipping

Get a free 11X14 canvas from Canvas People and just pay shipping. Turn your picture into wall art. The process is really simple to do – just pick a picture, upload it to Canvas People, choose size 11 X 14 and checkout.

Here’s an example:

free 11x14 size canvas print order

If you want a different size canvas save 93% discount through this link. The discount will apply to your order along with free shipping.

Here is a frame size comparison image I found on Pinterest to have as reference.

frame size comparison image

Arranging either the same or different size canvas together, your pictures can turn into beautiful personalized wall art without paying a bundle.

Great price for a personalized gift for a loved one or decor for you. Snag a free Canvas and just pay shipping.

Happy savings, TaLis

Turn your picture into museum quality wall art

Some graphics made with Canva.

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