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How Ibotta Works Guide (with videos)

Step by step guide on how ibotta works with videos: set up, use and withdraw your cash from ibotta and also what to do if you get locked out.

What is ibotta?

Ibotta is one of the most popular mobile cash back apps used to save money on groceries, travel, and other necessities available to download on iPhones and android phones. Below is a step by step video guide on how to use ibotta to save money: how to get welcome download bonus just for trying it out, withdrawing your cash, using bonuses and common questions and issues with ibotta that users have. This ibotta guide is for beginner as well as for existing users who want to maximize ibotta savings as well.

First, download the app, and then make sure you get your ibotta welcome bonus! Here is how:

Lots of people download ibotta knowing that they will get up to $20 in Welcome Bonuses, but end up not getting it. That’s because most people don’t read how to use the app. Getting the welcome bonus is not automatic after download. Here is how to get your welcome bonus:

How does ibotta work

Stores where can you use ibotta

When ibotta first came out, it was necessary to create a store rebate list. As ibotta grew, the stores that work with ibotta grew so much that they ended up changing their format. After you download ibotta, take the time to familiarize yourself with the stores where you can get cash back with ibotta. Also, be aware that the retailers that works with ibotta changes, so always check the app for updates. In the following video I intended to show how to create a store rebate list, but it also shows how rebates work in different stores. Rebates vary from store to store. In addition, this video will also show how to shop online with ibotta.

The best thing about ibotta is that you can redeem offers and use it along with coupons and other rebate apps. This lowers your out of pocket expenses, which means more money for you to do other things 📌

latest ibotta coupons and offers

Learn how to set up and use ‘Pay with Ibotta’

Pay with ibotta is the latest feature added to ibotta app that doubles your cashback savings. There’s a couple of things you have to do in ibotta before you use pay with ibotta. Once you set up pay with ibotta, learn how to use pay with ibotta to pay for purchases:

Learn how ibotta works, and avoid issues with the app. The worst case scenario is that you can get your account deactivated.

I happily went to check the app one day, and found that I couldn’t log in. I was locked out of ibotta, and had quite a bit of cash in it that I couldn’t withdraw. These are some of the things you can do to get it unlocked. Depending on the reason why ibotta deactivates your account, this may work. Wondering if ibotta locks you out, and if it can it be unlocked?

LOCKED! Deactivated? Every ibotta user worst nighmare !! Try this out:

Where & how to add ibotta friends

ibotta is designed to be a social app. The more ‘friends’ you have, the better the chances of boosting your earnings. But what exactly is ibotta friends and why you need friends. There are two types of ibotta friends: referral friends, and friends that help you maximize your savings. The video below refers to how to find and add friends in order to boost your earning potential:

Want to be my ibotta friend? Find me on Facebook and join Saving with TaLis Group so you can connect with the other ibotta friends in my team and share your hauls. Once you have ibotta friends, you are ready to boost your earnings by growing your ibotta team.

What is Teamwork in ibotta

Understanding how teamwork plays a role in ibotta is important in order to maximize savings. Lots of people don’t set up teamwork, or don’t understand how to use it. Here is how to get teammates and how to use it:

How to Maximize Ibotta:

In order to maximize ibotta savings, you can double up savings by using bonuses. Ibotta bonus are different for every user, and its based on your purchase history. Bonus amounts and offers vary even for users in the same household. The following video shows how to maximize your savings from a single grocery shopping trip. Learn how to use bonuses:

How to get your money from ibotta

3 Ways to Cash out!

I don’t know why, but some people keep their earned cashback in ibotta. The best part of ibotta is cashing out! This is how to get your money from ibotta:

Turn your cash into savings

The worst cash investment: keeping your money in an account that doesn’t earn interest. Transferring your money from ibotta to your bank allows you to use it in different ways – use it to invest, re-use it to make more app deals, etc. No matter what, this video shows you how to transfer cash to your bank:

Now that you know how to use ibotta, its time to make some money saving deals. Stack up your savings using ibotta and other apps:

Other Apps to use with Ibotta:

Savingstar, Fetch Rewards (referral code T0YVQ , Checkout 51, Shopkick ( SHOP146357 )

ibotta and other app matching deals

App Deals

Save $2 Ibotta rebate
Ibotta rebate
Ibotta rebate
Ibotta rebate
Ibotta rebate
Save $1 ibotta
Ibotta rebate
Ibotta rebate

Warning: Be advised that ibotta is addicting. It is easy to get carried away and end up spending more than what you’re earning using cashback apps. I use a budget app to keep track of my app savings and also to stay within budget. The app is free and easy to use.

Hope this ibotta guide helps you maximize ibotta savings. Be sure to check and subscribe to my YouTube channel as well, and click the notification button to get the latest uploads.

Happy savings, TaLis.

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