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How to Save at Walmart with Pay with Ibotta – 3 Ways to Save

Great news for Walmart shoppers who want to save money: pay with ibotta at Walmart store and save twice!

Ibotta recently announced that Walmart shoppers can now Pay with ibotta app at checkout. This means that you can double your savings when you shop at Walmart. Previously, with the ibotta app you could use Walmart Pay at checkout and then redeem offers on ibotta. You would only earn cashback once you redeemed offers in ibotta. But by using Pay with Ibotta at Walmart, you can double your savings. You’ll 1earn cash back when you use pay with ibotta feature and then earn cash back when you 2redeem offers on ibotta from your Walmart receipt. In addition, depending on what you buy, you can also get credit for your purchase through other apps like Fetch Rewards app.

So far, Walmart, Whole Foods, Target & CVS are the only stores where you can pay for groceries directly with ‘pay with ibotta’ and redeem offers from the same receipt.

Steps to save at Walmart:

  1. Download Walmart Grocery App – new users get $10 off your first purchase
  2. Join Ibotta – get a $20 bonus when you join
  3. Link Walmart app to ibotta – (see how with pictures)
  4. Browse and Redeem offers in ibotta (jump to how-to section)
    • These apps will help you earn Walmart e-gift cards   
      • Join Shopkick to get free gift cards and redeem kicks for a Walmart gift card
      • Join Fetch Rewards to redeem points for a Walmart gift card
  5. Use Pay with Ibotta to buy Walmart gift card


pay with ibotta at Walmart stores

What is ibotta

If you are not familiar with ibotta, it is a cashback rebate app that pays users for every day purchases like grocery, travel, clothes and other things. It is a free mobile app available for iPhone and Android phones. There are several ways to save money using this app, and one of them is through a feature called “pay with ibotta“.

First time ibotta users – $20 Sign up Bonus

If you don’t already have ibotta, you are eligible to receive up to $20 sign up bonus. (how to get your download bonus)

How ibotta works

In store: in a nutshell, after downloading ibotta, users browse the app for items they regularly shop for and click those items to add to the rebate list. Then, go shopping. Afterwards, simply upload your receipt into the app and done!

Online: it’s even easier to shop online and get cashback. All you have to do is open up Ibotta app and choose the store you want to shop at. Click the shop icon. This will take you to that store’s website where you shop as usual. Complete your purchase and that’s it. You’ll see a message that indicates Ibotta has recorded your visit and will credit your account after it is verified.

Note: The above is a quick user guide so you can start saving money at Walmart fast. A step-by-step pay with ibotta guide is found here.

What is ‘pay with ibotta

Pay with ibotta is essentially buying a gift card through the ibotta app, and then using that gift card to pay at retailers that accept pay with ibotta. Normally, when you pay with gift cards, you don’t earn cash back. With ibotta you do. This feature allows users to double or triple their savings. For now, there are about 30ish retailers that accept pay with ibotta, but the list is growing. You can pay with ibotta in store only. Here is a quick users guide to start saving (you can also read the complete pay with ibotta set up guide for more details).

Pay with ibotta quick user guide

  1. Open the app and head to the ‘pay with ibotta’ feature, and choose a store you wish to buy a gift card for.
  2. First time users are prompted to enter a debit or credit card information in order to pay for the gift card.
  3. Once you do this, enter the amount of the cash value of the gift card. Minimum amount varies by store. Once you purchase it, you’ll see the gift card’s barcode as well as the digits.
  4. Instead of using a credit card or cash to pay, you pay with the ibotta gift card on the app at checkout. Just open the app to bring up the ‘pay with ibotta gift card’ and pay.

That’s it! You instantly earn cash back after purchasing the gift card through pay with ibotta. Each store has a percentage cash back value. This is also a great alternative for people who don’t like using credit cards to shop online for security reasons.

pay with ibotta enter checkout amount

How to pay with ibotta at Walmart (in store)

Instead of using a credit card or cash to pay, you pay with the ibotta app at checkout. You’ll earn cash back twice! To pay with ibotta:

  1. Open the app and head over to the section that says “pay with ibotta” and choose Walmart (in store). If you’re a new user, you’ll receive up to $20 ibotta welcome bonus.
  2. Buy the gift card by going to the tab that says “enter checkout amount” – the minimum amount is $1 (earn cash back for this transaction)
  3. Important: choose products you will be redeeming by clicking on the plus sign prior to shopping.
  4. Head to Walmart and pay with ibotta gift card: To do this, open the app, select ‘pay with ibotta’ section, choose Walmart. This will bring up the pay with ibotta Walmart gift card barcode. Show this to the cashier. The digits can also be entered manually in case it doesn’t scan.

How to redeem offers from Walmart store & online

Ibotta recently changed the way you can redeem Walmart offers. You use to redeem offers by scanning the barcode, or entering the receipt QR digits manually. However, now its even easier when you link your Walmart account to the ibotta app. Prior to shopping at Walmart select the offers you will be shopping for, and the savings are automatically added to the app.

Chaching! That’s it! No more scanning or uploading pictures.

Current ibotta offers at Walmart

no products

Always check the app. Ibotta offers vary per user

Triple Savings with other apps

I often triple my savings by uploading the same receipt on other apps as well. (here’s a list of the ones I use)

Pay with Ibotta Walmart Online (Pickup & Delivery)

The third way you can save at Walmart with Ibotta refers to shopping online either with the Walmart.com app or the web.

ibotta app walmart grocery rebate app

You can get Walmart gift cards through ibotta in two ways: redeeming your cashback for a Walmart e-gift card, and through pay with ibotta feature. Technically, you can use either gift card to pay via the Walmart.com app and still double your savings.

How to redeem ibotta earnings for a Walmart e-gift card:

  • Head to ‘account’
  • Once you reach $20, choose ‘withdraw cash
  • Under Gift Cards choose Walmart gift card
  • You’ll receive an email from ibotta with a link
  • Click on the link in the email to access your gift card information. It works just like a physical gift card.

The e-gift card can be used either online or in store. Online: Enter the e-gift card digits under ‘payments’ in Walmart app, or Walmart.com and use it at checkout. In Store: click on the link in the email you received after redeeming your earnings, and show the cashier the e-gift card to pay.


How to ‘pay with ibotta’ at Walmart.com via ibotta app:

  • Simply open the ibotta app and head to the “pay with ibotta” section and select Walmart. Then enter the amount you want to buy the gift card for.
  • Next, within the Ibotta app, choose Walmart under online retailers and click the ‘shop’ icon. This will open up the Walmart app.
  • Under Walmart Pay settings, register either the pay with ibotta gift card or the Walmart gift card you redeemed your ibotta cash for (see picture below)
  • Shop as normal and at checkout select gift card to pay for your purchase and done!
Walmart pay settings

Shopkick Gift Card App is another way to t Walmart gift cards:

💲 You’ll earn the cashback amount for shopping online and for buying the pay with ibotta gift card 💲

How to use pay with Ibotta and Walmart Grocery

Walmart Grocery App is now within the Walmart.com app. It use to be separate apps and it was very confusing. Now all you have to do is download the Walmart to shop for groceries online. 

Ibotta doesn’t have the option to withdraw for a Visa or Mastercard gift card (yet). However there are other cashback apps as well as cashback shopping portals where to get a Visa or MasterCard gift card. Use Fetch Rewards to exchange 11,500 points for a $10 gift card Via or MasterCard. Shopping portal TopCashback earnings can be redeemed for a Visa gift card as well. TopCashback has a bonus offer when you redeem for a Visa gift card.

Fetch rewards

Current Deal: Save $13

Walmart grocery shoppers use to be able to add a gift card as a payment. Because there is no address or bank associated with a Visa or MasterCard gift card, the option isn’t possible anymore. Unless you use a reloadable gift card that has your address attached to it. In this case, you can still pay with your gift card, but select the option to pay at pick up to avoid issues.

Ibotta is currently offering $1 cashback when you shop through Walmart Grocery app. When you download Walmart Grocery app through this link to register, you’ll receive $10 off your first purchase. How to get it: After you install the Walmart Grocery app on your phone, head to the ibotta app, where you’ll choose Walmart Grocery to shop and complete your shopping. Enter the discount code that you received when you registered within the Walmart Grocery app. You’ll save $11 dollars overall.

As you can see, there are 3 ways you can save at Walmart with ibotta app. Download the app and never pay full price again!

Happy savings, TaLis

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