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Watering your Plants while on Vacation

Self Watering Planters and Systems

There are several self watering planters and systems that take care of watering plants while on vacation 

Taking care of things at home while you are away on vacation is something we have to prepare for.  Arranging for someone to care of your plants and garden while you are away is not so easy.  Maybe hire a house sitter to come in and water your plants? Or ask a relative to drop by your house? For those of us that do not have this easy option there are plenty of products that care for our plants while we enjoy our vacation. 

There is an array of self watering containers that can hold enough water to quench your thirsty plants while you are away. Self watering planters are also time savers for gardeners too.  I use to have to water my container plants almost every day. But with a self watering planter I don’t have to because they have a reservoir that holds extra water. 

There are terracota spikes that can be inserted into the soil, which either use plastic bottles, globes or wine bottles. I’ve used a 22oz plastic bottle, and found this enough to water the container plant for up to 4 days. 

These are some of the products I use: Not only useful time savers, but they save my lovely plants!

Plant Watering Tools & Systems

Self-Watering Planter with Support System
SELF Watering Indoor/Outdoor Vertical Wall Hangers Pots
Turn any pot into a self watering pot
Raised Garden Bed Grow Box Kit with Self Watering System and Casters
12 Packs
Self-Watering Terracota Stakes

Hope this helps you save time & your garden when you travel, TaLis

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