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How to Grow Ibotta Team & Find Reliable Teammates

Now that you´ve downloaded ibotta, its time maximize earnings by adding teammates and growing your team. Although it is easy to find teammates however, the key to teamwork is to have a reliable team that consistently uses ibotta. There are a couple of tricks to do this.

The first step is to set up ibotta teamwork. (this post explains how to do it and how it works). The video below explains how to set it up as well.

Once you set it up, you´ll see teammates activities in a few hours or a day. If you don´t see it, edit the settings under account. While under settings, you can choose to see your teammates activity and also allow other teammates to see yours.

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Teammates Inactive?

Be aware that some people choose to keep their settings private, which explains why it seems that your teammates aren´t active ibotta users. However, the reason why teamwork is important is because the overall activity of teams pulls together to achieve levels or bonus, which increase your earnings.

Therefore, a better place to look at whether your teammates are active and helping each other earn more is by looking at levels.

ibotta teamwork levels

In the example above, none of my teammates are active. I needed to find reliable ibotta users, and I was able to change that in a couple of ways.

Find Ibotta friends

One way to find grow your team is to share your referral code with others.

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In order to find ibotta friends beyond just inviting people or sharing your referral code you have to use Facebook. While you can share your code on other social media outlets, Facebook friends can easily grow your team faster.

The following video below explains the basics of how to add ibotta friends:

Steps to add ibotta Facebook friends

  1. Open Facebook and search for ibotta team and ask to join (join mine)
  2. Either post a new thread asking for teammates or respond to someone’s post who is asking for more teammates.
  3. Send a friend request to that person
  4. To do this click on their profile picture and then click on ¨add friend¨ or the person’s image icon (depends if you´re viewing Facebook app or web)

That´s it! You started growing your team.

Click here to send me a Facebook friend request

2. Ibotta Saver Community

Another way to grow your ibotta team is through the Ibotta Saver Community. A user generated forum type site developed by ibotta. After registering, you can post a new or search an existing thread to find teammates.

3. Leave a Comment

Connect with other people who read this post by leaving your Facebook profile link in the comments at the end of this post. (just click on your Facebook profile picture and copy/paste the link that appears in the url address bar).

Likewise, leave a comment on my Facebook group requesting people to add you

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Finding reliable Teammates

As life happens and people get busy, bored or shift their focus of interest on different things, most people tend to stop or pause using Ibotta. Thus, finding reliable teammates is not easy. The key to being successful with teamwork however, is to add as many teammates as possible.

There is no limit as to how many ibotta teammates you have. Additionally, Facebook limits friendships to 5000 people. I have about 165 people that show as part of my team in the app. At the beginning of the month, my team hits the first level within hours.

With as many teammates as (reasonably) possible, when someone decides to take a break or something else from ibotta, you still continue to earn with teamwork.


Leave a comment at the end of this post to find team members

I hope this post helps you grow your ibotta team and teamwork activity you earn more.

Happy savings, TaLis

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