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What is my favorite shopping app?

What is my favorite shopping app?

I get this question a lot. Unfortunately, I don’t have a favorite one. There are several apps and sites that I use, and each one serves a different purpose for me. I use IbottaSavingstar, and Checkout 51, to get cash back on groceries. In many cases, you can double up on offers. In other words, you can redeem an offer in more than one app. I use Fetch Rewards and Shopkick to get gift cards. These all involve uploading a picture of your receipt. 

I also including my favorite cashback websites, also known as virtual malls, since these also have apps to shop. I prefer cashback sites like TopCashback, Rakuten and Mr. Rebates. I typically look for a shopping site that offers the most cash back at the store I want to shop. These are my 3 favorites because they usually the highest rate of cash back for shopping.

Tip: TopCashback usually runs freebies for new sign ups – to get yours, read this article: How to Get TopCashback Freebie. When I signed up I got a free movie – $25 value! Of course, there are more cash back apps, but these are the ones I trust. Unfortunately, I’ve signed up with apps that never awarded me my earnings.

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If you are going to sign up, use these links and referral codes:

The above apps also give you a bonus for sign up. Try them out. If you don’t like them you can always uninstall them.

Happy savings, TaLis

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