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Zirtue – How to Easily Borrow or Lend Money with Family & Friends

What is Zirtue and how it works.

During times of uncertainty & difficulty, friends and family often turn to one another for financial help. The awkwardness of having to ask for money or get paid back is taken out of the equation with Zirtue – an easy to use app to borrow or lend money within minutes.


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What is Zirtue

Zirtue is a mobile lending application that allows users to lend and borrow money with family and friends who are a contact on their cellphone. This practice is termed “relationship-based mobile lending”. Zirtue itself is not a lender. Instead, the Zirtue developers designed the app to make borrowing and lending money easier by having users get money without having to go through a financial institution.

Financial institutions base loans on credit scores rather than the ability to pay the loan back. So for someone with poor credit for whatever reason, getting a loan from friends or family is a better option. In addition, for friends and family who loan each other money, there isn’t a system in place to ensure a way that lenders get paid back. Enter Zirtue.

About Zirtue

Zirtue is a Dallas-based FinTech company that was launched in 2019. Co-Founders Dennis Cail and Michael Seay created the app with the purpose of digitizing and mobilizing loans between friends and family.

A better way to borrow money from friends and family

According to Dennis the idea sprung from the experience of having family members that would borrow money from him, and had limited success in getting that money back. He thought that there should be a way to make people more accountable, but take the awkwardness out of the process of asking for money, lending and getting paid.

The developers came up with Zirt – “a genie that educates and protects”, and thus – Zirtue was started.

With Zirtue you can:

  • Defer monthly loan payments for 3+ months
  • Lend and borrow money from your friends & family
  • Receive automatic monthly payments
  • Forgive a loan made to your friend or family member
    • Zirtue allows lenders to forgive loans and also allow borrowers to request loan forgiveness. (determined by the lender and borrower)
  • Approve loans & get paid

How to Zirtue Works

The lender or borrower must be an existing contact in your mobile device prior to using Zirtue. When using Zirtue to borrow money, the app will first verify their identity before providing access to the platform.

“This is a baked in security feature to protect the integrity and security of the Zirtue platform for all users.”


The user then connects their banking information so that Zirtue can set up automatic withdrawals from the person’s bank for payment to the lender or the borrower.

Once the transaction is made, the app will send payment notifications or reminders, and you can track loan information on the app’s dashboard. Lenders and borrowers can also message each other through the app.

A concern with anything related to finances is security. How secure is Zirtue? According to the developers, cutting edge technology ensures your personal information is fully encrypted and securely stored and also has a dedicated incident security team to address any issues. In addition, they state that personal information is not shared with unaffiliated third parties. (Read more about security, terms and privacy policy here).

Advantages to using Zirtue

  • No credit check
  • No collateral
  • No paperwork to fill out
  • No waiting
    • Once your loan is approved by your friend, family member or trusted relationship, the funds can post the same day or take up to 3 business days depending on the day and time of the transaction.
  • Quick and easy pay
  • Private
  • You decide the terms
  • Rates are fixed based on your terms
  • No early payment penalties
  • Payment process is encrypted and secure

Steps to borrow money

  1. Download Zirtue
  2. Set your loan amount
  3. Set your payment terms
  4. Select a friend or family member
  5. Submit your loan request
    • your request is received and reviewed
  6. Both lender and borrower review and agree on terms
    • Borrowers can select a Payback Period between 3 months and 3 years for more flexibility
  7. Get your funds
  8. Track your payments

Fees: Zirtue charges borrowers a monthly subscription fee of $5.99/month

Zirtue Promotion – starting April 1st, 2020 Zirtue will be free for one month for all new borrowers.

Zirtue steps for lenders

Zirtue is 100% FREE for Lenders

  1. Download Zirtue
  2. Connect your banking information
  3. Receive a loan request from friend
  4. Agree to loan and payment terms
  5. Transfer money
  6. Track payment deposits on your personal dashboard

Automatic ACH payments are made from bank to bank. No need to manually make transfers. ACH stands for Automatic Clearing House, and its networks that allows banks to move money between banks without using paper checks or cash.

Here is a video clip about Zirtue

Paying it forward: For each active subscription, Zirtue donates $1/month to fight global poverty and drive financial inclusion.

As you can see, Zirtue is a way to easily lend or borrow money to or from family and friends, get money within minutes and ensures lenders get paid too. At times when getting a loan from a financial institution is not an option, hopefully Zirtue can help you out.

Happy savings, TaLis

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